How to Use Cufflinks

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How to Use Cufflinks

Cufflinks are accessories that add elegance to men's formal wear. They are the perfect way to create a more formal look for important business meetings, formal social events, and many other occasions. There are, however, many different types of cufflinks available for purchase. In addition, different occasions may call for various types of cufflinks, or none at all. Consumers should familiarise themselves with the many types of cufflinks, when it is appropriate to wear them, and how to wear them. By doing so, they can choose and purchase the most useful and stylish pair of cufflinks for their circumstances.

Types of Cufflinks

Consumers should take the time to learn about the various types of cufflinks available. They should also learn what they look like and when it is appropriate to wear them.

Cufflink Type


When to Wear

Torpedo Cufflinks

One decorative face with a plain clip that slides through the shirt holes and twists to fasten

Formal office settings or formal social events

Chain Cufflinks

Two decorative faces connected by a chain

Black-tie events

Bar Cufflinks

Two decorative balls connected by a small bar

These cufflinks have no moving parts

Formal office settings or formal social events

Silk Knots

Elastic cufflinks with two equal knots on either side

Low-maintenance and not appropriate for very formal occasions

Also known as monkey fists

Available in many colours

Day-to-day formal wear

The different types of cufflinks have particular uses and are appropriate for certain occasions. By becoming familiar with the variations, consumers can purchase a pair appropriate for their lifestyle and avoid a fashion faux pas.

When to Wear Cufflinks

Most office settings only call for employees to wearbar rel cuffed dress shirts that fasten with a button. However, senior employees or executives, including Managing Directors, CEOs, and CFOs, may find it appropriate to don French cuffed dress shirts with cufflinks for a more formal, authoritative look. Formal meetings with important clients and formal business conferences may also call for cufflinks.

On the social scene, cufflinks are appropriate for formal weddings, galas, and balls. In fact, cufflinks are preferable for such events because they make a man's suit appear more elegant.

How to Wear Cufflinks

Placed traditionally, cufflinks create "kissing" French cuffs. There are, however, other ways to wear cufflinks with French shirt cuffs.

Kissing French Cuffs

To create kissing French cuffs, the ends of the French cuff sleeves must line up, "kissing" as it were, so that the cufflink holes align. Then the cufflinks can pass through, fastening the shirt cuffs.

Barrel French Cuffs

To create barrel French cuffs, instead of making the two ends "kiss", wearers should pass one end under the other, align the holes, and then put the cufflinks in place. This creates a barrel cuff look fastened by a cufflink. One of the advantages to this contemporary style is that it makes working at a computer much easier, as the cuffs do not get in the way.

Other Style Tips Regarding Cufflinks

While cufflinks can add much elegance to the look of a man's suit, there are a few style tips men should keep in mind in order to look truly stylish when wearing cufflinks. First of all, men should wear French cuffed shirts with a suit. The cuffs may look awkward underneath a cardigan or sweater, as they are bulkier than barrel cuffed shirts. In addition, French cuffed shirts are far too formal for pairing with a sportcoat.

Secondly, all of the metals on a man's body should match. This includes belt buckles, rings, and other jewellery. Therefore, if a man has a silver belt buckle, the cufflinks should also have silver detailing.

Lastly, novelty cufflinks are a popular choice for less formal occasions, but users should exercise caution. Novelty cufflinks are not appropriate for formal events or meeting. They do not contribute to a dignified or professional appearance.

How to Buy Cufflinks on eBay

Buying cufflinks of any type or style is easy on eBay. Shoppers can begin by typing "cufflinks" or any specific type of cufflinks, such as "bar cufflinks", into the eBay search bar. Many results appear instantly for consumers to browse through. They can then filter results by price range, shipping options, and condition. Furthermore, shoppers should look for good deals on cufflinks and other men's accessories on the eBay deals page, where deals change daily. Whatever the special occasion, cufflinks are sure to give a man a more dignified and elegant look. When paired with a French cuffed shirt, cufflinks add to the stylish appearance of any man's attire.

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