How to Use Liquid Eyeliner

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How to Use Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeliner comes in a variety of styles and colours which gives women a subtle effect for the eyes or even a dramatic effect. Many women find that liquid varieties creates a smoother look that is hard to recreate as easily with a pencil eyeliner, but that the liquid is somewhat harder to control because the hand is often unsteady while applying it. There are different ways to apply this eyeliner that help give women that clean look with less mess and fewer mistakes. Knowing more about the application process and various ways to use liquid eyeliner makes the task more refined.

Choose an Application Style

There are two basic types of liquid eyeliner available. The first type is brush liquid eyeliner which closely resembles a bottle of nail polish. The application for this type of liquid eyeliner requires dipping the brush into the eyeliner bottle to complete the eye lining process. The second type is a liquid eyeliner pen which is similar to a marker and has a felt tip that dispenses the liquid eyeliner. Listed in the table below are different liquid eyeliners types that make ideal makeup tools.

Eyeliner Type

Eyeliner Facts

Waterproof liquid eyeliner

Available in both pen and brush varieties

Does not sweat off

Comes in a variety of colours

Colour liquid eyeliner

Comes in brush and pen varieties

Many waterproof colours available

Easy to match with eyeshadow

Glitter liquid eyeliner

Wide variety of colours available

Adds shine and texture to eyeliner for a dramatic effect

Comes in brush and pen varieties

Available in waterproof blends

The eyeliner types in this table are by no means the only styles of eyeliner available. Some of the more popular types add more value to eyeliner applications. Having a variety of eyeliner styles on hand helps women look their best for any occasion.

Prepare the Eyelids

Preparing the eyelids is an essential part of the eye lining process. The eyelids, like other parts of the skin, tend to accumulate oils that breakdown or crease eye makeup. In order to prevent this from happening, it is a good idea to first apply an eyelid primer and allow the primer time to dry before applying the liquid eyeliner. If the intention is to also wear eyeshadow, this is the ideal time to apply it so that the eyeshadow does not cover the eyeliner.

Find the Right Position

One of the biggest problems women run into when trying to apply eyeliner is finding a comfortable position and also keeping a steady hand. If the hand is unsteady this often leads to an uneven application or wavy lines. To help solve this problem it is a good idea to place the elbow on a table or other stable surface while keeping the hand on the cheek during the application process.

Many people also find that it is easier to use the back of the hand as a palette by adding a small amount of liquid eyeliner to the skin and dabbing the brush there rather than taking the eyeliner directly from the tube. This helps eliminate the accumulation of excess eyeliner and allows the user better control over how much eyeliner gets picked up on the surface of the brush.

Begin the Liquid Eyeliner Application

Regardless of whether the eyeliner is of the felt tip or brush-dip variety, one good rule of thumb for novice users to keep in mind is that it is almost always better to apply the liquid eyeliner by starting with small dots or dashes along the eyelid rather than making one long stroke. Beginning the eyeliner application in this way is the basic foundation for applying liquid eyeliner for any look.

Step 1

Starting at the centre of the line begin making small dots or dashes along the lines of the lashes. Make sure while adding these marks that they extend past the outside corners of the eyes.

Step 2

Going back to the centre of the eye, place short strokes across the eyelid at the lash base until reaching the tear ducts. It may be necessary to use a handheld mirror for more control, and look outward and up while using only the tip of the brush to get the hard-to-reach places and to create a thin line.

Step 3

To create the freshest look possible, make sure to take a cotton swab and then place a small amount of makeup remover with an oil-free base and clean up the bottom edges of the eyeliner strokes. Give the eyeliner time to dry before opening the eyes fully so that the ink does not transfer onto the eyelids or create creases.

How to Buy Liquid Eyeliner on eBay

One of the best things about shopping on eBay is that this is an online marketplace that is always available. Use the search box to locate every item you need, including liquid eyeliner. Make purchases even more affordable by shopping from a seller who offers great deals on merchandise and who includes free postage and payment.

Liquid eyeliner is a versatile tool which helps widen the look of the eyes by accenting them. Liquid eyeliner comes in pen styles or has brushes, but the application method for both is the same. Learning applications techniques helps make the process smoother and often less frustrating, especially for new users.

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