How to Use SodaStream

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How to Use SodaStream

The SodaStream is a carbonation system that allows users to create their own carbonated soft drinks and sparkling water at home. The system offers owners a wide variety of flavour options for the drinks they make, including varieties that closely match popular soft drink brands. While the system is quick and intuitive to use, consumers still need to familiarise themselves with their machines in order to produce the highest quality soda possible. Choosing the correct machine, using the right type of water, and taking the right amount of time to produce the soda are some of the important elements in using this product. Understanding the best practices for using the SodaStream allows consumers to make the most of their carbonation systems.

Choose a SodaStream Machine

The first step in using the SodaStream is to choose the right machine for the user's situation. SodaStream offers seven different machines. Each has its own specific advantages, though most of the machines allow users to specify the level of carbonation in their sparkling water and soda.

SodaStream Options

The Penguin and Crystal use glass carafes that last longer than the plastic bottles that other SodaStream machines use. The Fizz Chip shows the user how much life the carbonator has left. The Dynamo Deluxe allows the owner to use two different sizes of carbonator. The Jet allows the consumer to utilise larger carbonators. The Pure and the Genesis offer a slimmer design, taking up less space and fitting comfortably into smaller kitchens.

Purchase Sodamix Flavours

When purchasing a SodaStream machine, the consumer should also get one or more sodamix flavours. These flavoured syrups turn the sparkling water into soda. SodaStream offers more than 60 flavours, including imitations of popular brands such as Sprite and Dr Pepper. Taste tests prove that these sodamix flavours very closely imitate the flavours of these name brands. Other flavours include cranberry-raspberry, cream soda, grape, and orange-mango. In addition, sodamixes come in Kool-Aid, diet, Crystal Light, sparkling tea, and energy drink flavours. Each sodamix produces up to 12 litres of soda.

Fill the Bottle with Water

The third step in using the SodaStream is to fill the accompanying bottle with very cold water. The colder the water, the greater its ability to absorb the CO2 in the carbonation process, making the water fizzier. One way to ensure that the water is sufficiently cold is to refrigerate it for several hours before using it in the SodaStream machine. In addition, filtered water helps to ensure a pure flavour in the soda. Unfiltered water may allow other flavours to seep through the syrup flavouring and affect the taste of the drink. Once the water is in the jug, the user should attach it to the SodaStream machine.

Carbonate the Water

Once the jug is on the SodaStream machine, the user needs to carbonate the water. This is a very simple process, requiring the user to press the carbonation button on the SodaStream while the bottle is under the machine. One of the advantages of the SodaStream is its ability to customise the amount of carbonation in the water. Depending on the type of machine, the user may either press the button multiple times to increase carbonation or preset a certain carbonation level for the water. Once the water possesses a sufficient amount of carbonation, the user may drink it as sparking water or complete the process to make it soda.

Add Sodamix Flavours

Once the water possesses as much carbonation as the owner desires, the consumer may add sodamix to the bottle to make soda. In order to do so, the consumer needs to remove the bottle from the SodaStream machine. At this point, he or she should tip the bottle slightly and pour in the sodamix. To determine the amount of sodamix required for the jug size and flavour, the user should consult the instructions on the sodamix package. Then, the user should replace the cap and shake the bottle thoroughly to mix the sodamix throughout the bottle of water.

How to Buy SodaStream on eBay

Purchasing SodaStream on eBay requires that you first know what type of machine and sodamix flavours you desire. Once you know what type of product you want, you may enter a relevant search term into the search bar on any eBay page. You may also look for SodaStream products on eBay Deals.

The SodaStream provides a convenient and potentially cost-effective way to make soda for some consumers. Knowing which features are most important to the consumer, and knowing which flavours he or she prefers enables the buyer to choose the right SodaStream product. Being familiar with how to use the product also enables the consumer to get the most out of the SodaStream product.

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