How to Use a Cuticle Trimmer

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How to Use a Cuticle Trimmer

The cuticle is a barrier of hardened, dead skin that surrounds the fingernails and toenails. Its function is to offer protection to the nail, but over time it can become unsightly. Some cuticle areas also develop what is known as a “hangnail,” which is a small wisp of torn, dry skin that can catch onto everything. The hangnail may also get torn back to the delicate, sensitive underskin. In severe cases, if not clipped away, it may bleed or become infected. In order to maintain an eye catching manicure or pedicure, the cuticle should be cut away using an instrument called a “cuticle trimmer.”

Cuticle Trimmer Basics

The cuticle trimmer is a device that has long, curved handles that compress a plier-like tip to cut away the cuticle. The tip of the cuticle trimmer are razor sharp and curved to readily conform to the cuticle for better gripping action.

Pre-treatment of the Cuticle Trimmer

Prior to using any cuticle trimmer, the tool should first be cleaned and sanitised to prevent infection from occurring. Wash the cuticle trimmer with warm water and antibacterial soap. Pouring alcohol or an iodine solution over the tips of the cuticle trimmer will further help sterilise it and reduce the chances of an infection.

Soaking the Hands or Feet

The hands or feet should be thoroughly soaked in warm, soapy water before trimming the cuticle. The soap will help remove any bacteria from the skin’s surface that may cause infection. The water will help soften the cuticle to make it easier to nip away with the trimmer.

Pushing the Cuticle

Once the cuticle has been softened, it can be gently pushed back from the nail’s surface using a cuticle pusher or utilising the cuticle trimmer. Gently scrape the skin of the cuticle back off the nail. Applying a dab of hand moisturising lotion to the cuticle will also help soften it so that it pushes back easily and with minimal pain.

Cutting the Cuticle

Once the cuticle is pushed back into place, it’s time to use the cuticle trimmer to cut the cuticle away. Nip tiny pieces of the cuticle using the clippers. Trim the cuticle until it is completely gone. Always face the tip of the cuticle trimmer’s blades towards the nail when clipping. Use an upward motion to lift the dead skin of the cuticle upwards and away from the nail. Then depress the cuticle trimmer’s handles to clip away the skin. After the cuticle has been trimmed away, apply a hand softening lotion to the area to sooth and keep the remaining skin soft.


People who suffer from diabetes, or other health issues should avoid clipping their cuticle. The danger of an infection occurring is far too great. Anyone with overly sensitive skin should also avoid the use of cuticle clippers. A persistent bacterial infection in the cuticle caused from over-clipping can hinder the nail’s growth, or cause it to take on a distorted appearance. Any time an infection of the cuticle is suspected, a dermatologist or physician should be consulted immediately to prevent the infection from getting worse.

Cuticle Trimmer Care

Cuticle trimmers should always be sanitised after each use. They should also be dried thoroughly before putting them away to prevent rust. Avoid using the cuticle trimmers to trim anything but the cuticle. Using the trimmers to clip fingernails or other hard surfaces will dull the cuticle trimmer’s blades.

Buying Cuticle Trimmers and Nail Supplies on eBay

A buyer can sit in the comfort of his home and shop on eBay’s online auction marketplace for beauty and nail products. Cuticle trimmers, and a variety of other beauty items, are readily available for bidding, or ‘Buy it Now’. The buyer types in the name of the item he is seeking into eBay’s search bar and hits enter. A wide array of cuticle trimmers and other beauty supplies will be listed. Buyers can also search for a cuticle trimmer by search for the product using the search bar the top of every eBay page.
When the buyer finds the pair of trimmers he wants to purchase, he may have to bid on the item, or some sellers offer a “Buy it Now” feature that lets the buyer immediately purchase the item. Prior to bidding or purchasing any items on eBay, the buyer should always peruse the seller’s feedback to make sure that the seller handled past transactions in a professional manner and that past buyers were satisfied with the services rendered.


Whether you regularly trim your cuticle, or only indulge on special occasions, a cuticle trimmer is the ideal addition to any beauty supply stockpile.

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