How to Use a Knife Sharpener

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How to Use a Knife Sharpener

Over time, knives become dull and scratched and their edges bend, resulting in cutting utensils that do not work properly. When knives wear out, many people replace them, but devices exist to sharpen them so they work like new again. Knife sharpeners come in a variety of styles that work in different ways. Electric knife sharpeners may perform the job the quickest, but manual knife sharpeners often produce better edges. No matter what type of knife sharpener people choose, knowing how to use it is important. Shoppers can become informed consumers by learning the ins and outs of knife sharpening, as well as how to find the right one at local kitchen supply shops as well as on eBay.

Electric Knife Sharpeners

Using electric power, electric knife sharpeners contain two to three grinding wheels and grooves to pass knives through. Each wheel features a different degree of coarseness to perform different functions. They help reshape the blade of the knife.

How to Use an Electric Knife Sharpener

Starting with the heel of the knife, the owner can run it through the first groove to file down the blade. Once the edge of the knife is free of nicks and scratches, run the knife through the second groove, again starting with the heel of the utensil. The second groove typically sharpens the blade. Use the third groove to buff and finish the blade, leaving a crisp, sharp edge that produces effortless cuts. The easier the blade cuts, the less chance of injury to people using the blade as they do not need to press down as heavily on the knife to make it work.

While many electric knife sharpeners features magnets that collect the metal shavings released during the sharpening process, users should still rinse the knife thoroughly so the knife is clean of any excess shavings, making it safer to use.

Stone Knife Sharpeners

Stone knife sharpeners typically come with two sides. One side features a softer or smoother surface, while the other features a coarser surface. Owners lubricate the stone with cooking oil to make passing the knife over it easier. Specialised stone oil also comes in handy, but when owners do not have this available, they can use simple cooking oil.

How to Use a Stone Knife Sharpener

When sharpening a knife on a stone, owners should hold the knife at a 15 to 20 degree angle and run the blade over the coarser side of the stone from heel to tip. Do this several times using repetitive motions and watch for the scratches and nicks disappearing. This does not produce a sharp knife, but it does eliminate damage. To get the knife sharp, turn the stone to the smooth side and run the knife from heel to tip over this part of the stone in same repetitive motions until the blade is sharp. Clean the knife thoroughly of any metal debris after completing the sharpening process.

Steel or Rod Knife Sharpeners

Steel knife sharpeners serve a different purpose than electric or stone sharpeners. While the other sharpeners bring new life to knives, steel or honing rod sharpeners keep them honed between uses. A steel honing rod gets rid of nicks before they become too deep by realigning the blade's metal.

How to Use a Steel or Rod Knife Sharpener

To begin sharpening, owners hold the honing rod with one hand and the knife handle with the other. Hold the knife at a 20-degree angle and move the knife from heel to tip along the edge of the steel rod. Start at the top end of the rod and move the knife over the lower end. Repeat this process until the knife looks as good as new. People can use a honing rod every time they use the knife.

How to Buy Knife Sharpeners on eBay

Finding a knife sharpener on eBay is easy with the Search bar on each eBay page. Just input the type of sharpener you want into the bar and watch the results generate. To refine your search, specify a brand and if you want the sharpener in new or used condition. You can also shop Daily Deals to find money saving knife sharpener specials.

Once your new knife sharpener sits in your kitchen, try it out with your dullest knives, creating sharp blades that help reduce injuries and cut food with precision. Sharpening your knives helps to prolong their lives and ensure they work as they should.

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