How to Use a Micro SIM Cutter

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How to Use a Micro SIM Cutter

As technology advances, not only do phone sizes slim down and expand, but the size of SIM cards used inside cellphones change as well. As a frequent mobile phone user needs to change phones often to stay up-to-date with the latest in mobile phone technology, it is sometimes necessary to cut a SIM card so that it fits into a newer phone. With a Micro SIM cutter, the task becomes just a bit easier.


SIM Card Basics

A SIM card is a small removable chip placed inside a mobile device to carry information to and from cellular networks, along with pieces of personal information. To adapt to ever-changing phone sizes, over time, the size of SIM cards has decreased while managing to capture the same or more amount of information. A Micro SIM measures only 15 mm by 12 mm, and is backwards compatible with its bigger predecessor.

Finding a SIM Card That Fits

Though many shoppers buying a new phone that requires a Micro SIM does not have a problem as their phone comes pre-installed with a Micro SIM, those buying a new phone have to cut their old SIM to fit their phone. Purchasing a Micro SIM cutter helps cut the costs associated with purchasing a Micro SIM card and allow the buyer more flexibility.
Similarly, people who travel frequently and wish to use different phone numbers and SIM cards for different countries on their Micro SIM phone find it handy to have a Micro SIM cutter to make any available SIM card work for their phone. Without a cutter, the buyer has to cut the SIM card by hand, either with scissors or a knife. Buying a Micro SIM cutter can help increase the precision with which a SIM card is cut by hand.


How to Use a Micro SIM Cutter

A Micro SIM cutter works like a hole-puncher, allowing an easy alignment of a larger sized SIM card with its cutter, and a clean cut with a simple pinch. Many local and foreign vendors sell SIM cutters that do the job in seconds. The mechanism behind all cutters remains the same, and cutters require little instructions or effort to operate.


To allow the Micro SIM to work on a phone that requires a larger SIM card, a SIM card adapter can be used. The Micro SIM card can sit comfortably inside the adapter, which can then be pushed into the phone's SIM card slot, giving the shopper the flexibility to switch between old and new mobile phones easily.



Regular SIM Card

Micro SIM Card


Cannot be used on phone of larger size without being cut

Can be used on phones that use regular SIM cards with an adapter, but cannot be used on a phone that uses Nano SIM without being cut

Alternate name

Also called 2FF or 'Mini SIM'

Also called 3FF

Length (mm)



Width (mm)



Height (mm)




Despite the physical differences amongst the types of SIM cards, there are very few technological differences between them.


How to Buy a Micro SIM Cutter on eBay

You can quickly search through all the listings on eBay by typing 'Micro SIM cutter' or 'SIM card adapter' into the search bar on any eBay page to find a cutter that suits your needs. There is no need to refine by type of phone, as there are many phones that use Micro SIM cards, but sellers on eBay can sell either new or used cutters from which you can choose. Become familiar with the seller's feedback ratings, buyer comments, and selling policies for a smooth shopping experience.

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