How to Use a Pendulum (Dowsing)

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Using a pendulum is actually very simple but still requires practice.  When you first receive your pendulum it is necessary to clear it if it is a crystal pendulum, the way you would clear any other crystal.  A pendulum does not need to be a crystal however, it can be brass, glass or just about any other material.  You can even use a paper clip on a piece of string in a pinch! The only requirements for accurate dowsing is your intention & the pendulum must be symetrical.

You can use your pendulum to ask Yes/No questions for any number of reasons.  You may have trouble choosing a crystal to use in a healing, or need assistance selecting a flower essence or essential oil to use or just have a day to day question.  As long as it can be answered with a Yes/No the sky is the limit.  It pays to add a word of caution here about letting the use of a pendulum interfere with basic commonsense & your free will.  Dont for example consult the pendulum if you will miss the bus because you are running late - get your skates on & get out the front door & make a run for the bus stop!!!!

Ok, down to business.  Firstly you will need to work out what is a Yes answer & what is a No answer for you.  Dont let anyone tell you that there is only one way, everyone is different & that applies here.  Generally I have found that females have a counter clock wise Yes & a clock wise No, with males being the reverse.  There are always exceptions however so check for your self.

How to get your Yes & No response.

Hold the chain of the pendulum & let it hang loosely.  Some say to wrap the chain around your fingers, others to hold the very end - try both & use what is most comfortable for you. Push the pendulum so it swings out away from you & then aloud or silently ask "What is the Yes response" the pendulum will swing either clock wise or counter clockwise.  Stop the pendulum swinging. Repeat the steps to determine the No response.  Obviously it should be the opposite of the Yes.  As you become practiced you will notice variables to the Yes & No responses, you may get a very strong yes or it might seem weaker & not as definite.  Follow your intuition - everyone has it & can do this.

How does it work?

Dowsing works by you accessing the Akashic records with your subconcious which is then reflected in very subtle unconscious muscle movements in your body giving you the answer.  Your will or desire for a particular outcome can influence the pendulum, but this can be minimized with practice.  A good way to practice is to use a deck of playing cards.  Place a card face down on the table.  Swing your pendulum away from you as described above over the card.  Mentally or aloud ask a question about the card: "Is this a red card?" "Is this a 2?" etc.  Note your results & your success rate.  Practice often.  Remember we are all able to tap into this information & everybody has psychic ability - you just need to practice. 

Once you are confident you can ask all sorts of questions.  If you are unsure which flower remedy or crystal to use, simply hold the pendulum over the items, start it swaying as outlined above & notice the results.  The most applicable item will give you a Yes, the others No.  If you get several yes's you may wish to use all of the yes items or continue to eliminate until you get the desired number.

If you ask a question & you get no response - that is the pendulum does not start to swing either clock wise or counter clockwise check your question.  Is it ambiguous? does the phrasing need tightening? You need to be very specific with your question to get accurate results.  If you still cant get an answer ask your self (or your guides) if it is an ethical question or are you supposed to get an answer at this moment in time?

Depending on your belief system you may wish to ask for Angelic or other Spiritual assistance before you commence dowsing although it will work without you doing this so just do what is comfortable & what resonates with you.

If you are looking for reading material I would recommend Patrick MacManaway, or if you are lucky enough to come across books by Dr Bruce MacManaway (his father) in a second hand book store or ebay.  Both these authors look at dowsing in a healing context & Dr Bruce MacManaway was seen as a "founding father" type figure with his work with using pendulums in healing practice.

Most of all have fun dowsing! It is all about learning & having a good time with it & using it as a tool to improve your life & yourself.

Best of luck & enjoy!

Om Namah Shivaya!

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