How to Use a Pumice Stone

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How to Use a Pumice Stone

Whether preparing for sandal season in the summer or dealing with cracked skin in the winter, everyone benefits from having a pumice stone on hand for grooming feet. These beauty accessories serve as natural exfoliants and remove dead and dry skin from the heels and other parts of the feet. Learning to use a pumice stone correctly is easy, and the process involves just a few steps with the right accessories and materials. Once individuals learn these basic steps, they can start the search for places to purchase the essential accessories. Traditional brick-and-mortar beauty vendors offer a range of choices, but consumers shopping for beauty accessories on eBay often find it a consumer-friendly and quick process.

Assembling the Right Products

In addition to pumice stones, consumers need a few other beauty accessories and skin care items to get the job done. Various products help prepare the skin for the pumice stone and also soothe and smooth the skin after the process.



Foot Bath or Spa

A portable tub for soaking feet

May have jet features that massage feet or a simple basin design

Liquid Dish Soap, Baby Oil, or Foot Soak

Acts as a softener during a foot soak

Heavy Duty Moisturiser

Seals in the moisture after the exfoliation process

Moisturising Socks

Help the skin of the feet hold in moisture

Work to further soften feet

Foot Brush

Helps remove dead skin during the exfoliating process

Consumers need to decide on a type of pumice stone, as well. Generally speaking, pumice stones come as single stones or as attachments on pedicure tools. These pedicure tools often feature a pumice stone on one side and a foot brush on the other. Their handles also make them very easy to use during the exfoliating process.

Soaking the Feet

The first step in the process is filling the foot bath with warm water and adding a softener such as baby oil or liquid dish soap. Foot bath powders and solutions sometimes introduce aromatherapy to a soak, as well. The feet should soak in the bath for at least 10 minutes.

Using the Pumice to Exfoliate

The pumice stone or pedicure tool should soak thoroughly in the warm bath, as well. Then users remove one foot from the bath, pat it lightly dry, and run the pumice stone over the skin of the heel in a circular motion to remove the top layer of skin. For particularly rough areas, a back and forth motion is sometimes necessary. Rubbing should not continue if the skin feels sore or becomes overly red. The user then repeats the process on the other foot.

Cleaning Off the Dead Skin

After exfoliation, the foot needs to go back in the bath to wet it again. Using the foot brush, the user gently brushes away any dead skin left on the surface of the foot. He or she should give the foot a final rinse and then pat it dry gently with a soft towel. If there is still rough skin on the feet and they are not too chapped, the user can repeat the previous steps to remove as much dead skin as possible.

Moisturising the Feet

When the skin is partially dry but still warm and soft, the user should massage a heavy-duty moisturiser into the skin of the foot. Viable options includeNivea,Eucerin, and natural remedies such asVitamin E and cocoa butter or shea butter. Moisturising socks placed on the feet help retain moisture and extend the therapeutic process.

Cleaning the Pumice Stone

Every use cakes a pumice stone with dead skin cells, and it requires thorough cleaning after each use. A small bristle brush is a good tool to consider. These brushes remove residual skin when rinsing the pumice stone under running water, and the brush removes any residual skin on the stone. The pumice stone must dry completely before storing it in a dry place until its next use.

How to Buy Pumice Stones on eBay

Consumers in search of pumice stones and other pedicure products can find items easily on eBay. To start the purchasing process, run a keyword search using a term that describes a product. General terms such as ' pedicure' provide a wide range of items, while very specific phrases such as ' pumice pedicure tool' produce very focused results. Calloused, dry, and chapped feet are not necessarily a permanent fact of life. Anyone can have feet that are in great shape by using a pumice stone and following a few simple steps. By looking for products that meet their needs, consumers can use eBay to find everything they need to use pumice stones effectively and safely.

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