How to Use a Rowing Machine

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How to Use a Rowing Machine

Few fitness machines work as many parts of the body at the same time as rowing machines do. Owners can accomplish a complete upper body, lower body, and core workout on this machine using the right motions to avoid damage to muscles, tendons, or ligaments. Using the proper technique helps reduce the risk of injury, as well as provides a balanced workout that leaves people feeling refreshed and often sore after first use. To become a knowledgeable and informed about rowing machines, shoppers should research rowing machine techniques as well as know how to find the right one in local fitness shops and on eBay.

Warming Up

Whether working out on a treadmill,elliptical, exercise bike, or a rowing machine, people should never begin a workout without properly warming up the muscles first. People can achieve this through a series of purposeful and targeted stretches, as well as with a bit of cardio movement. People often march for a brief period of time, adding some hamstring curls in the mix halfway through. They also stretch the calves, biceps, and triceps by extending those areas and pulling down at the end of joints to achieve maximum flexibility.

Thoroughly warmed up and stretched muscles help people avoid injury when using the rowing machine. While warming up may seem tedious and a waste of time, it is an absolute necessity. Be sure to wear proper workout clothing with breathable material throughout the warm up and the rowing machine fitness routine. People should also use the right runners during the warm up and workout process.

Starting the Rowing Workout

Have a bottle of water nearby to take recovery sips during rowing breaks. Keep a towel to catch sweat handy as well. Excess sweat dripping into the eyes is a safety hazard during a workout. In addition, be sure to situate the body on the machine correctly.

Positioning on the Machine

Sit on the seat and strap the feet onto the supplied footpads so they do not dislodge during the rowing process and possibly cause injury. Slide the entire body forward, extend the arms towards the flywheel, and grab onto the handles. Make sure the wrists are flat to avoid damage to the hands. Bend slightly forward at the hips to assume the proper rowing position.

The Rowing Motion

With a properly situated body, begin the rowing motion. This motion mimics the motion used when people row a boat, hence the name of the machine. With shins in a vertical position, press the feet down to push off while using the arms to pull on the cord that delivers the upper body portion of the workout. Make sure to keep the core pulled in and tight at all times to prevent back injury while also strengthening core abdominal muscles. The knees begin to straighten, but the arms should bend as the upper body leans backwards. Finish the motion by extending the arms out and returning the handles to their place next to the flywheel. Repeat this motion continuously for the duration of the workout.

Rowing Precautions

Make sure not to lean too far forward, as this can cause injury to lower back muscles. People should pull the abdomen into the spine as tightly as possible to help protect the lower back as well. Do not use a jerking motion with the handles, as this can cause damage to the machine. In addition, ensure that the initial motion begins from the legs and not from the back. Working out in the correct manner helps the muscles become strong, without causing injury. Do not suddenly being a new workout routine with a rowing machine. Instead, start slowly with about 10 minutes a day and build up endurance by adding five minutes at a time to the workout.

How to Buy Rowing Machines on eBay

When searching for the right rowing machine on eBay, use the Search bar on any eBay page. Specify whether you want the machine in new or used condition to refine your search and narrow the results. Look for trusted eBay sellers with high feedback ratings and browse through both eBay Stores and Daily Deals to find the type of rowing machine you desire at money-saving prices.

Once your rowing machine arrives, you can set it up in your designated workout area. Be sure to don the proper fitness attire before working out, and you can feel confident in your purchasing decision knowing you did your homework on usage ahead of time and have the knowledge to work out correctly.

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