How to Use a Tablet as a Drawing Tablet

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How to Use a Tablet as a Drawing Tablet

Artists have all kinds of methods of creating art, and recently many have started using computers to do design and creative work. Once a user has chosen the right drawing tablet, there are many software programs that can allow users to them to draw and use it for other artistic purposes. That way, they can actually create visual art on the tablet. Here are some tips for using a tablet to draw.


Buy a Stand

In order to use the tablet to draw, users should purchase a stand that makes it easy to set up the tablet without having to hold it. There are many different kinds of stands to choose from. Some allow the tablet to be propped up either vertically or horizontally and some are arms that clamp onto a desk or table and hold the tablet out at eye level.


Use a Stylus

A stylus is very helpful when using a tablet to draw. It is a special type of pen that can be used on the screen of the tablet in order to control it. It allows the user to have more controlled movements on the screen so that they can work and draw in greater detail. Many drawing tablets come with their own stylus so that users can get started on drawing right away.


Download the Necessary Programs

Gimp or Photoshop are great tools to use to draw on a tablet. Make sure to get the version that is most up to date and be certain that it works with the tablet that you're is working on. Not all programs are compatible with every tablet, however, so users should make sure they don't purchase a new program before checking its compatibility.


Get Creative

When it's time to get started, all that's left is just to get creative with what the user producing. As he or she moves their hand or the stylus across the screen, different graphics and drawings will emerge. It can take a little time to get proficient with the different drawing programs, so users should be sure to practice until they have a firm understanding of how the programs work. Reading the software and tablet guides can also be helpful in understanding how to make more effective use of them.

These are just a few tips to help users get started on using a tablet as a drawing tablet. There are many videos, online tutorials and classes that users can take in order to get more familiar with how the different tablets and programs work. Many of them are free and can help users improve their skills so they can use tablets to create work that represents their talent and ability.

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