How to Use a Tile Cutter

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How to Use a Tile Cutter

The do-it-yourself home improvement project can seem daunting and intimidating to even the most experienced home carpenter. Especially when taking on a project as important and meaningful as tiling a wall or floor, the room for error is small, and fragile tiles can make for frustrating work that can make one want to put down the project and just 'come back to it later'. However, with the right knowledge of tile cutters and the basic instructions to working them, anyone can finish their latest home-improvement project with rewarding, beautiful results. The combination of a relatively inexpensive product and easy-to-use mechanism makes tile cutting less frustrating and more rewarding.

What is a tile cutter?

For this guide, the basic man-powered snap or rail tile cutter is discussed. Other tile cutters, calledwet tile saws or wet tile cutters are available for larger and heavier tiles. The snap or rail tile cutter is a reasonably priced, man-powered cutter with the sole purpose of cutting medium to smaller sized ceramic tiles into basic shapes, like squares and rectangles. Being man-powered, tile cutters do have certain downsides, like not always producing a perfect or straight cut, and also being more time and energy consuming. But with the proper technique and care, producing a straight cut with little fraying and high accuracy is foolproof.

The basic instructions to use a tile cutter

The first step when using a tile cutter is to measure and mark the ceramic one wishes to cut. Either draw a straight, solid line across the entire tile or mark one edge on each side. Make sure to be as accurate as possible here; a curved, uneven line leads to a curved, uneven cut. Next, move the cutting wheel, or the handle to the back of the cutter. Leaving room for the ceramic to slide underneath and into place, secure against the front of the cutter. Then, line up the cutting wheel with the mark made on the tile-double. Triple check that the mark is exactly where it should be.

Finally, push down firmly on the handle and move the wheel at a consistent, fairly quick pace all the way to the other side. On some tile cutters, it can fall into a cradle to prevent a second cutting or to let the user know the cut is finished. The last step is to snap the tile: do this by resting the breaker bar against the tile, and then firmly press on it until it snaps perfectly in half. Of course, not every single tile cutter is exactly the same, and some have different controls on them; these steps are just the basics that work with the majority of tile cutters.

Basic troubleshooting

Like all home improvement projects, cutting a tile is easy to mess up. Thankfully, one broken tile does not ruin the entire project. Many common problems with tile cutting have basic, easy solutions.



The cut did not come out straight

Only score the tile once, meaning do not retract the wheel and cut down the same line more than once - this leads to ragged edges.

Do not push down too firmly on the handle; trial and error is the best way to figure out the optimal pressure to place on the handle.

I want to cut multiple tiles of the same size

Align the guide to attach to one side of the cutter.

Align the guide with the edge of the first tile, and cut.

Simply slide in the next segment of the tile to be cut, up to the same guide used for the first.

How to Buy Tile Cutters on eBay

The quest for a tile cutter starts on any eBay page. Begin by searching for tile cutter, and then narrow your search down from there with certain categories to fit your needs. Some of these categories include tools or building materials. Keep an eye open for the top-rated seller seal, as they have high feedback ratings and a reputation for shipping high-quality products quickly. Many sellers incorporate deal bundles, which include the desired product along with supplemental goods for it, so keep on the lookout for those, too. Also, check out eBay deals for even greater savings on tile cutters. A tile cutter makes any home-improvement project easier and less stressful. However, maximise the efficiency of your tile cutting by knowing the basics of tile cutters and how to use them properly.

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