How to Use an Espresso Pot

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How to Use an Espresso Pot

Also known as a moka pot, the espresso pot is a brewer that makes espresso-like drinks right from the comfort of home. This pot uses heat from a stovetop burner to create pressure and steam to force hot water through coffee grounds. Filling up and using the moka pot takes only a few moments once consumers learn how to perform the basic process. While the drink is rich in flavour, it is not as strong or thick as a true espresso. However, this old fashioned Italian coffee pot can provide espresso lovers with an easy alternative at home. The espresso pot is available through kitchen supply stores, specialty coffee shops, on coffee websites, and on sites, such as eBay.

How an Espresso Pot Works

An espresso pot uses steam to push water through fine coffee grounds. This homebrewing process produces something similar to espresso, but not as strong. The stovetop espresso pot reaches high pressure, but a true espresso machine reaches pressures almost four times as high.

Moka pots are divided into three compartments; the bottom chamber is filled with water, the middle chamber contains a basket with finely ground coffee, and the top chamber is where the coffee accumulates. When the pot is on a hot stove, the bottom chamber heats up until part of the water evaporates into steam. This steam forces the remaining water up through a small valve into the middle chamber where the water passes through the coffee grounds. The extreme pressure and heat extracts more caffeine and flavour from the grounds than a normal brewing process. The coffee water continues through the valve into the top chamber where it rests until ready to serve.

Tools Needed for Making Espresso

Making espresso at home requires a specific set of tools for the job. Consumers may already have some of these kitchen implements in the home, while they may need to purchase others.



Brand Example

Moka Pot

Stove-top espresso pot for making an espresso drink



Kitchen appliance, supplies the heat for making espresso


Espresso Beans

Dark roasted beans, usually brings stronger, smokier flavour


Coffee Grinder

Grinds whole coffee beans into grounds



Used to weigh the water and coffee grounds for making espresso


It is also possible to purchase and use espresso grounds rather than grinding espresso beans at home. When brewing the espresso a timer is also helpful to ensure the drink is not over or under brewed.

Using an Espresso Pot

Despite the name, this drink is easy to make at home with an espresso pot. Start by unscrewing the bottom from the moka pot. Remove the middle chamber, or filter, from the bottom chamber. Clean out the insides of all three chambers of the moka pot, if necessary. Fill the bottom chamber with clean drinking water.

Measure out 26 grams of finely ground espresso beans using akitchen scale. Pour the coffee grounds into the coffee filter. Gently pat grounds, but do not tamp them down. The moka pot does not force water through compressed grounds, unlike an espresso machine. Place the filter into the bottom chamber.

Screw the top chamber on to the bottom chamber and filter. Once reassembled, place the moka pot on the stove burner. Heat up the stove to a medium-high heat. It should take about five minutes for the coffee to start boiling up into the top chamber. Turn down the heat to medium-low at this point.

After about 10 seconds, or when the coffee reaches the base of the spout in the top chamber, turn off the stove burner. Steam and heat inside the bottom chamber and continue to push more coffee up through the spout. When this is done, the espresso drink is ready to serve. Take care to pour the coffee into a heavy coffee mug or preheated glass coffee cup.

How to Buy an Espresso Pot on eBay

You can buy an espresso pot to make this coffee drink through eBay sellers. When looking for an espresso pot on eBay, consider purchasing other essentials like espresso beans and a grinder. Consumers can find all of these items by using the eBay search engine, which is available from every page on the site. Since these pots are exposed to high pressures and heat, it is a good idea to look for a quality brand. Some brands, such as Breville, make moka pots with pressure release valves on the bottom chamber as an added safety feature. Not quite an espresso maker, these pots provide an easy way for coffee lovers to prepare a similar drink at home.

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