How to Use an Ice Cream Maker

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How to Use an Ice Cream Maker

An ice cream maker is a kitchen appliance helpful in the creation of frozen, creamy confections. These appliances are excellent for use during the summer heat. Plus, an ice cream maker can make enough ice cream for two or an entire family. When learning how to use an ice cream maker, users should understand that there are several different types of these mixers. Some are electric, while others are manual. The features on electric models range from removable mixing bowls to built-in compressors. Non-electric ice cream makers use a hand crank along with rock salt and ice to freeze the ingredients. It is possible to find an ice cream maker at retail stores, household goods shops, kitchen supply websites, and on eBay.

Electric Ice Cream Makers

An electric ice cream maker uses household current to power a paddle or scraper that mixes and freezes the ice cream ingredients. These appliances fit on a countertop and have popularised the concept of homemade ice cream. Manufacturers have developed several different models to mix ice cream. The lower cost models have removable double-lined mixing bowls to place in the freezer before making ice cream. Higher cost models feature their own compressors and do not need pre-freezing before starting the process.






No pre-freezing required, fully automated
60-minute countdown timer
1.41-litre capacity



No pre-freezing required, LED timer, removable ice cream cylinder
1-litre capacity


Freeze & Mix

Works with Breville Stand Mixer, pre-freeze bowl
Mixer attachment scrapes and aerates ice cream
1.89-litre capacity


The Ice Creamery

Pre-freeze double insulated bowl, simple On/Off switch, clear lid with easy pour feeder
2-litre capacity

These are some of the more popular brands and models of ice cream makers from more expensive to less expensive. The least expensive option from Mistral is a simple electric ice cream maker with a double-lined bowl.

Using Electric Ice Cream Makers

Before using an electric ice cream maker, clean and dry the mixing bowl. If the mixing bowl requires pre-freezing, place it in the back of the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. Users should do this between 15 and 48 hours before use, depending on the model. Some manufacturers recommend keeping the mixing bowl in the freezer at all times to have the bowl ready at a moment's notice.

Users then add the necessary ingredients based on their recipe, and attach the mixing arm to the motor of the ice cream maker, usually in the underside of the lid. Place the lid on the ice cream maker. Turn on the ice cream mixer, pour in the ingredients to mix. Start with the liquid ingredients and finish with the solids. Users then set a timer for between 18 to 60 minutes, depending on the model. Some mixers have pre-set and adjustable timers on them.

Hand Churned Ice Cream Makers

Consumers also have the option of a hand-churned or hand-cranked ice cream maker. These mixers are non-electric, making them more affordable. Hand-churned mixers use pre-frozen mixing bowls. Older models may require a layer of ice packed around a metal mixing bowl. A hand crank is often placed on the top of the lid that attaches to a paddle inside the mixing bowl. Consumers then add ingredients to the bowl and turn the crank by hand while the ice cream freezes. This requires a little more effort, but still produces tasty results.

Using a hand-churned ice cream maker is similar to using an electric one. Pre-wash and dry the mixing bowl. If the mixing bowl can be pre-frozen, place it in the back of the freezer for between 7 and 48 hours beforehand. If the ice cream maker uses ice to freeze the ingredients, fill the insulating space around the mixing bowl with ice and rock salt. The amounts vary depending on the size of the ice cream maker. Place the paddle and lid over the container, pour in the ingredients, and start cranking. When the ice cream is frozen, it is ready to serve.

How to Buy an Ice Cream Maker on eBay

You can find almost any model of ice cream maker on eBay. This site has a wide variety of seller listings of the small appliances, and even manually operated ice cream makers. When using eBay to search for the perfect ice cream maker, decide which type of maker is the best for your family. Hand-cranked ice cream makers take more effort to set up, while top quality machines include compressors and timers. Then use the eBay search engine to find the right model of ice cream maker more quickly. Ice cream makers provide a fun and inexpensive way to make delicious desserts for the whole family.

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