How to Use the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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How to Use the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung is a versatile smartphone powered by a quad-core processor. Its large size enables it to handle many of the same functions as a tablet, though it remains small enough to carry in a pocket or bag. Like other smartphones and tablets, the Note 2 is customisable through a variety of settings and downloadable applications. There are also several tips and tricks that can help owners get the most from their phone. Learning about some of the key functions of the device helps you get the most from your smartphone.

Update to the Latest Android Firmware

The Galaxy Note 2 uses Android 4.1.1 out of the box, though it is upgradeable to subsequent versions. There are two ways to update the Android firmware, including using Samsung Kies and over the air (OTA).

To use Samsung Kies, you need to download and install the Kies software to your phone, if you have not done so already. Kies enables you to transfer photos, music files, contacts, and other information between your phone and your computer. Connect your Note 2 to your computer using the USB cable packaged with the phone. A notification automatically appears to inform you of a firmware update if there is one available.

To use the OTA method, head to your phone's Settings menu and select the About Device option. From there, choose Software Update, and then Update.

If you simply want to check which version of Android your phone is using, open the Settings menu and choose About Device. The list of information displays the current version of Android on your phone.

Use S Voice

S Voice allows you to use voice commands to operate the phone. S voice also provides information you request, such as directions and weather reports. To use S Voice on your Galaxy Note 2, open the Application menu from the home screen. Next, choose S Voice and follow the instructions in the tutorial. Once you finish the tutorial, initiate the S Voice function at any time by saying "Hello, Galaxy". Alternatively, you can double-tap the home button.

Set a Data Limit

You can establish a data limit on your Galaxy Note 2 from the Settings menu. Choose Data Usage and then select the option for Set Mobile Data Limit. The limit is adjustable with the slider bar.

Install Applications from Your Computer

The Samsung Galaxy Note allows you to install apps directly from your computer. To do this, you must register your phone with your Google account. Once you have done so, choosing to install an application from your computer gives you the option to install it to your phone over the air.

Write Notes on Your Photos

You can add annotations to any of your photos on the Galaxy Note 2 using the stylus. To do this, open a picture and hold the button on the stylus while writing on the screen. If you want to take notes that do not appear on the photo, you can do this by selecting Menu and then choosing to Draw on Image. The phone saves your notes in the Gallery, and a small icon appears in the corner of all photos with notes to help you identify them.

Take a Screenshot

You can take a screenshot on your phone at any time. Do this by holding down the Power and Home buttons at the same time. The camera takes a photo after about two seconds and automatically stores it in your Gallery. If you want to share the photo right away without navigating to the Gallery first, open the notification bar and choose to share the image with your contacts.

Use the One-handed Keyboard

The large screen size of the Galaxy Note 2 can make it difficult to type on the keyboard using a single hand. To remedy this, the Galaxy Note 2 allows you to choose a one-handed operation mode. Head to the Settings menu, select Language Input, and then enable Samsung Keyboard. From there, you can shift the keyboard to the left or right, based on your preferences.

How to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on eBay

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is available innew and used condition from the sellers on eBay. Shop for the phone and its accessories by entering keywords into the search field on any eBay page. For example, enter " Galaxy Note 2 case" to see all items tagged with those terms. You can also check eBay Deals for daily specials.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 provides users with many of the best features of tablets and smartphones. Take the time to become comfortable using the many features so you can get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

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