How to bid on 2 items that end nearly at the same time.

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Ok how to bid on two items that end nearly at the same time with a flick of a button :)

Make sure you always choose watch this item ,

so you dont forget about the item and it easy to go back to it when times comes to bid.



First .. Sign into Ebay

The go to coloum in the left of your Ebay and click WATCHING ( which is a handy tool for all ebayers)

You will see the list that you have saved of items you are watching to bid on.

Now go to the link which opens the window to view the item ... BUT DONT CLICK ON IT

Instead right click and then click OPEN IN NEW WINDOW

now you have a window that is seperate to your Ebay window.

At the bottom of your screen is called the task bar.. this is where your PC time is and the word START.

In the task bar you will see a little box with the words and another little box My Ebay

If you click My Ebay it will take you back to watching. Now click the link of the other item.

Inwhich now you will have two windows with two different items showing.

NB..If you dont see two seperate windows refer to the bottom notes.

If you click one it takes you straight there and if you click the other it opens the other item. I think you should have the idea ..

Just stay with the item thats ends the first and keep refreshing and bid , then once one is finshed click the other window straight away to start bidding with the other item.

If your really good you can do both at the same time. :)




NB.. If your PC groups  windows together in your task bar

Right Click on a blank part of the task bar and click PROPERTIES



Then click APPLY and then click OK

Dont worry if your PC jumps a little it is just your PC adjusting to the settings.




If you find the above guide a little confusing dont be shy to drop me a email





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