How to build a computer?is it possible to do yourself?

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How to build a computer? have u ever thought of building your own computer system? have u ever wonder the complexity it is to build a computer or even if it was even posssible to do your self? well all the answers to your questions will be here. Building a computer is not as hard as it may seem. Firstly, you will need to research what specifications of the computer you would need and then it will all flow from there on. brand choice is another issue, but as long as the specs are right, choose a brand for it, won't be as hard. to build a computer your would need a empty system box with a power supply, a cpu which is the brain of the computer, memory known as "RAM", hard drive for storage, DVD or CD drive, prehaps a burner if u want to store data....a burner is like a floppy drive but has a bigger capacity, and also other parts such as a modem, video card, sound card, etc.......MOST of these items can be bought from EBAY.....not only that you are bidding on individual items that will combine to build your computer, u are also given the opportunity to grab a bargain whether is mayb be $5 off to even $50 off....that's the good thing about EBAYin.....

Anyway research what parts you will need, and do a search.....try to find a bargain possible and once you got all the parts... building it will be easy, prehaps ask a friends, or even some manuals might tell you how to assembling it all matter how hard it may seem, if you do put you mind to it, before you know it, you have the ability to make your own computer. Your friends and family would be soo proud of YOU and ebay will be proud of YOU for using their services buying products through their auction.

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