How to build a killer Loudspeaker system part II

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   More audiopathic tendencies. It's ALIVE It's ALIVE HaHaHaAhhh. Thats better. I'm OK now, I think?
Hi audio fans, these are my latest audio toys. They are E J Jordan XR6 line arrays with a Pioneer SF 500 electronic crossover and 4 Peerless HDS 200mm taking good care of the bass below 600Hz. These are the most natural sounding loudspeakers I have ever built. They are also the most expensive. $290 for cabinets and materials, $600 for the Peerless bass units, $1243 for delivery of the 8  XR6 Jordan full range drivers and $211 off eBay for the electronic crossover for a total of around $2324 not including amps or speaker leads. Why would I spend so much on a DIY set of speakers? Have I gone mad? I guess the answer is how much do you love music? I love it a lot and I like realistic natural sounding reproduction. With these speakers I am achieving  performance that is superior to commercial designs that cost $15 000 or more. The kicker is it is a lot of work, thought and effort. I was in between speakers and a friend kindly lent me his dealer modified Linn DMS Isobariks and they sounded fantastic but inside I was still not ready to settle with these even though they were offered to me at a silly price [considering their performance] I was becoming frustrated as my audio system improved the speakers always seemed lacking that indefinable something. I spent my spare time researching web forums and loudspeaker parameters. I had built a pair of transmission line 2ways with  Fountek ribbons that sounded very nice but I still wasn't happy. I also had to use 4 Peerless 8in HDS poly drivers that were an extension of the transmission line idea. It was then that I read about Ted Jordan and his continual development if the full range driver concept over nearly half a century. The idea captured me. Coincidently at the same time co- conspiritor Graham Dicker chief Audio Engineer for Valvetron and Rola Australia was working on the idea of a line array. I ran the specifications of the Jordan 2inch drivers past him and he said they might be worth a try. I realized from the onset that a line array using the full range Jordan drivers would be the best way of utilizing these drive units. Further discussions with Graham sold me on taking the plunge and gambling the $1243 for 8 XR6 drivers from As soon as funds became available I ordered 4 pairs. I needed this many  to bring the efficiency [85.38dB@1w@1m to 91dB] to run with my custom built 18w/rms single ended 25Kg Class A power amp that Graham Designed, had lent me and was never getting back as I decided it was too good not to buy. Seriously this amp is AWESOME as a free plug to Rola Australia for building what I consider THE BEST AMP IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE. Yes that big ugly red thing in between the speakers. I expected that the Peerless would come in handy to take over bass duties as a 2inch driver simply cannot move the air to give bass impact. This was confirmed by running the Jordan drivers stand alone without the Peerless.  The Peerless rolled off a little early for my taste so some mods were in order. 2 Neodymium backing magnets for each driver and cone doping to lower the resonant frequency. One mod helps balance the other and brought the efficiency down to match the Jordans. We fed the driver specs for a parallel wiring into a box calculator and came up with a 50L sealed enclosure. I only had 18 mm MDF to work with so I figured a trapezoid cabinet would help reduce cabinet resonance along with some lead roof sheeting and some bitumen. I was in the process of experimenting with electronic crossovers and picked up a Pioneer SF 500 from Johns HiFi Exchange for a fair price. This had a 600Hz 2way setting that suited the purpose. C/O mr Dicker a Yamaha P2200 professional power amp replaced the Auditecs. This bad boy can pump out over 400w/rms/ch into a 4 ohm load and is clean and articulate to boot.  Bribing another friend with a serious workshop  with  Food and  Beverage. I managed to convince him to collaborate on the project.
Unfortunately these Jordans have some major issues in regard to  failure to meet their advertised specifications This revealed itself in subjective listening sessions as a fatiguing forward upper midrange and harsh treble which was commented on by all who heard them after an initial burn in of 150 hours. This led to a test of the speakers in the cabinet. The result for the left array of the stereo pair measured @1M on axis was a 6dBpeak from +_2 dB response @ 600Hz, 7dB@ 900Hz, 6dB@1200  If you wish to purchase it might be wise to see how Brian Maddern of Decibel HI FI, Australian distributor of EJ Jordan responds to this warranty claim and how they plan to deal with what amounts to an utter failure with my purchased batch  of quality control suitable for high end audio reproduction. JXr6HD serial no 00398 Fs or resonant frequency 85Hz & 92Hz, 00358 135Hz & 139Hz. 00359 106Hz & 105Hz. 00397 80Hz & 99Hz for a "matched" pair a variance of 59Hz for Fs over the 8 speakers or over 75%. The32year old Kef B110s I sold recently were still well within the manufacturers 10% allowable variance. If you have purchased these drivers with serial numbers anywhere close to this I suggest having them professionally measured. The speakers were sent for warranty return for a mutually agreed refund  on Friday the 5th of October via insured registered post at my expense. Brian  Maddern signed  for the  package at the Sunnybank  post  office on Thursday the 11th of October . I was then promised a refund that weekend. Now Tuesday the  16th of October  I phoned him around midday he said his wife was to pay the money in to my account but she doesn't do as she is told but she should pay the money in to my account this afternoon.  It is now 8.39 South Australian time and my bank account is still empty. Money was refunded 17 October and that is the end of the matter for Now. Interesting footnote I sent an e-mail around the 4th of October to mr Ted Jordan himself about the issue and he apparently sold the company a few days later to esoteric audio devices. Hmmmm The moral of this story is even old hands like me can be had by advertising and aparent reputation so LISTEN before you buy and trust nothing but your Ears.
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