How to build a relationship with your dog

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To start off, dogs need a confident, consistent dependable leader. Dog's naturally want a leader, but if you don't give them leadership, they will lead you! To build any lasting, stable relationship with your dog where you have control even in those excited times, trips to the vet times, or get out of the house or yard off the leash times, you need a good solid foundation of you being the leader. Good, stable leadership from you makes your dog feel safe and secure. He will even feel more confident, and certainly be happier. It will even cause him to want to please you because you will be stimulating his natural instincts to do just that. One way to communicate this leadership is to make your dog earn your attention, by asking him to do something first before you pet or pay attention to him. Earn his food, by doing a "sit" or some other exercise or do a "wait" and not get to eat until you tell him he can. Then make him earn his privileges. He just doesn't just get up on to the chair, couch, or bed he has to wait until you ask him. Especially if he doesn't always obey you.
Happy days for you and your dog!
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