How to buy Blu-Ray's - Region Code Guide

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Blu-ray movies have 3 different regions, which are different to DVDs. DVDs use region numbers, Blu-rays use region letters. The letters A, B and C represent the 3 regions of Blu-ray. Not all Blu-ray movies are region coded and these are known as Region Free or All Regions.

  • Region A - North American, Central America, South America, East Asia (except for China) and South East Asia
  • Region B - Europe, UK, Africa, Middle East, New Zealand, and Australia
  • Region C - Central Asia, East Asia (Mainland China and Mongolia only), South Asia, central Eurasia and their dependencies.
  • Region Free or All Regions - These discs are designed to play in Blu-Ray Players Worldwide. NB: Sony have restricted their hardware in North America and may not play all Region Free coded discs. (eg: BBC releases).
 Blu-ray players are generally region locked into the firmware and are locked to the Region/country the player is purchased in, for example a Blu-Ray Player purchased in Australia will play Region B & Region Free Discs Only, a Blu-ray Player purchased in the USA will play Region A & Region Free Discs only.
However you can purchase Blu-ray players without hardware locking specifically designed to play Blu Ray Movies coded outside your Zone. These are known as Region Free Blu-Ray Players.

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