How to buy a Computer, the right way...

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When buying a computer regardless of it being a laptop, or desktop. There are more things to check than the basic specs of the machine.. Do not buy a computer that will struggle to do what you NEED it to do. Buy a computer that will do it with ease. If you follow just that one step, you should have your computer for between 2 to 3 years with no hassles. However if you want even better results... find a computer that has a general layout in the specifications. ie. one that will easily do word processing tasks, games and media as well as has the nessecary requirements to connect to wireless internet. Business type specs wouldn't go astray either.

By following these basic steps you can get maximum results from your PC, but if you should choose to upgrade a computer that is a good (all-rounder) will achieve a better price than one that can only be used for one thing, word processing etc.

Hopefully this information is useful to new computer buyers.



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