How to change your aircon filter material

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How to change your aircon filter material
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How to change your aircon filter material

AirCon Filters 

Fitting Instructions

Replacing Filter Media/Material in your existing frame.

1/First turn on the air conditioning system.

With a brush,clean the egg carton shape return air grille.This will allow the dust build up to go into the old filter.

2/Turn off the air conditioning system.
Remove the filter and frame,by undoing a bolt/screw or just by pulling down one end of the return air grille.
Slide out the frame and filter and take out side.
Place the filter and frame on a flat surface.
Remove the old filter material/media.

3/Only on one side of the frame inner edge,there is a rubber rope/spine.
Slowly lift up from one corner and pull up and around,which will release the old filter material.
Install the new filter material/media.

4/Open the new filter pack,position and lay the new filter material/media over the frame.
From one corner,slowly press the rubber rope/spline back into the frame channel.
(you can used a spline roll if you have one or the end of a plastic ruler ect)

5/Trim the excess with a pair of scissors.
 Careful not to cut the new filter/media when trimming.

6/Ready to put back in and turn back on your air conditioner.
 Wrap up the old filter material/media and dispose.

                                      Now you have Clean Air you can Breathe!
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