How to choose a RC Flying Field?

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..and finding the right weather

Choose a open area, away from residence or crowd, the best option is  going to a country side if possible. The idea is to get as much open space as possible. Open space also helps in less interference in Radio signal from your transmitter to receiver.
Choosing you 'Field' surface

1) I Usually prefer cricket grounds as the ‘bowling pitch’ in the centre of the ground comes in very handy for taxi, take off and landing

2) A Grass field is good but if the grass is more than 10cms high, it is very difficult to gain speed and momentum for take off

3) Also high grass can interfere with propellers especially during landing

4) If you can find some cemented concrete slabs that fits your take off / landing requirements then it’s the BEST option!

Right Weather?!

1) Plan and look out for a low windy day (less than 15kms is fine)
2) Don’t go out in a extremely sunny/hot day, its drains your energy and also when you look up the sky you don’t want to face the sun directly
3) Always plan your field trip as early as possible in the mornings
4) Rainy days are fun, but unless your plane is some what waterproof, it will wreck your parts in the long run (the metal parts start to oxidise / rust)

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