How to choose eyeglass frames for your face shape.

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What shape of eyeglasses is best for my face shape?

Facial colouring and face shape are two very important factors to consider when choosing appropriate frames. The first step is to determine your face shape (oval, round or rectangular). Eyeglasses shapes are chosen to decrease or de-accentuate the roundness of a round face, the squareness of a rectangular face, or the length or shortness of a face. To do this we recommend rectangular glasses for round faced people (avoid round frames) and oval or round glasses for rectangular faced people (avoid rectangular frames). Long faces should avoid narrow glasses, short faces should avoid high glasses. Those with oval  faces are not restricted.




Frame colouring should be chosen to match skin and hair tone, eye colour, jewellery and clothing colours. The degree to which you deviate from this rule will show your interest in dressing "outside the box". For example, black plastic frames on a very light-skinned and fair haired person makes much more of an impact than silver frames would.

However, when all said and done, it all boils down to personal taste and sometimes the more outrageous eyeglass frames are the ones best suited to our personality!

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