How to choose the best Ear plug for Wind, Water and Pollution

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If I had another chance to choose an ear plug before I ended up with surfers ear (exostosis) I would have chosen EQ Seals balance pro ear plugs. My advice and review of EQ Seals ear plugs are that they really work and have been designed to allow you to hear and maintain balance while protecting your ears from wind, water,air and pollution. You don't even know that their in your ears and I can hear like normal with them in. Personally I love them and won't go surfing without them anymore that's for sure. I would rather prevent ear surgery from happening if I can help it from now on. The ear I had surgery on Hasn't felt the same since so I cannot stress enough that anyone that dwells in our elements like surfing, sailing, skiing, lifesaving, jet skiing, wind surfing, kite surfing and many more activities should not compromise themselves because ear infections and exostosis or better known as surfers ear will eventually creep up on you and then you have no option but surgery and it sucks big time. These are innovative ear plugs designed by surgeons and engineers in Biarritz France. I spent 4 months in total out of the water and some how remained sane sort of and now I am here as an Australian registered business called LLiquidsilk Distributors advising and supplying as many people as I can the EQ Seals balance pro ear plugs to prevent others ending up in my position. This is not about sales or marketing at all, it is about getting the word out there to help others to help themselves and use the innovations available to us to date. The only reason you shouldn't get a pair of EQ Seals is if you love surgery, pain killer medication and time off from doing the things that you love. That's it.  Just Remember that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN A CURE.      
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