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This guide will explain how to create a guide on eBay that should generate high rating marks from other users.  It explains how to use the guide Rich Text Editor and how to add Pictures and Tags (Keywords).

The Reviews and Guides section of eBay is a great way to showcase your knowledge of a certain topic area, whether it is your expertise on a collectible area or your opinion on the top 100 classic movies for a home movie collection.

What is the difference between a Review and a Guide?

  • Guides
    • Guides allow you to provide extensive information about a topic or area of interest, including pictures and links to areas within eBay. 
    • Use a guide to write about:
      • A topic you care about (example: "The complete guide to Star Wars collectibles")
      • The products you sell (example: "Deciding how to buy a digital camera: From beginner to professional")
      • A fun area you talk about with your friends (example: "Top 100 classic comedy movies of all times")
    • You can add pictures and links to areas within eBay to enhance your guide.
  • Reviews
    • Reviews are your comments about an item that is part of an eBay product catalog (like a DVD, CD, book, video game system or cell phone).  
    • Reviews are only available on eBay sites that have product catalogs.  This includes the following English language sites: US site (, the UK site ( site and the Canada site (  There are no product catalogs available at this time on the eBay Australia site.

Using the Rich Text Editor (RTE) to create a Guide

You will need to enter a title and guide content using the Rich Text Editor (RTE) in the Guide creation flow. 

  • The guide title can be up to 55 characters long
  • You must type in the content into the RTE directly or copy text out of a text editor like Notepad
  • If you copy and paste content into the RTE from Microsoft Word or other source that contains HTML content, your formatting will not be converted and may cause you to get an error when you try to publish the guide on eBay.  Standard HTML tags will not work.
  • The content will look funny in the RTE while you are creating the content but it looks great once on the site.  (You can use the "Preview" button below the RTE to see what your content will look like when viewed on the site)
  • Sample content in the Rich Text Editor

  • The same sample content viewed on the site

  • Use the buttons at the top of the RTE to add BOLD ITALICS, left alignment, centered alignment and right aligned text, bulleted lists, numbered lists, indentation and different types of section headers using the "Text:" dropdown.
  • See this related guide on how to use the Rich Text Editor.

Tags - What are "Tags"? 

In the guide creation flow, you will be prompted to enter up to five "Tags". 

  • Tags should be summary keywords about your guide. 
  • Provide keywords that a user might search on to find your guide or the products or subject matter area you are writing about. 
  • If a user clicks on a tag, they will run a search on that keyword or keywords entered into each tag box in the Reviews and Guides section of eBay.
  • Your guide will always be somewhere within that results set, as your guide also has that tag. 
  • The search box in the Reviews and Guides section of eBay searches against Guide title as well as the Tags.
  • You can enter more than one word in a Tag box, but they should be related (like Digital Camera)
  • Do not enter any special characters like "quotation marks" into the Tags boxes.
  • Capitalization does not matter (Digital Camera is the same as digital camera)

Example Tags:  If you are writing a guide on the following keywords, appropriate tags might be (separated by commas):

Digital Cameras Buying Guide: Digital Camera, Pixels, Zoom, Point Shoot, SLR
Guide to the top 100 comedy movies of all time: DVDs, Comedy, Movie, Oscars, Funny

Pictures - How to add pictures into Guides

Pictures play an important part of making your guide content clear and helpful.  Use pictures to highlight a point or help provide insight into your guide topic.

  • You can enter up to 10 pictures per guide
  • Be sure you have the right to use the picture in your guide (for copyright reasons). Taking your own pictures is always a safe choice.
  • You must use the Add: Picture link in the Guide creation flow (no copying and pasting)

  • You can resize your picture once you have inserted it to be larger or smaller by clicking on the picture until the white dots appear at the corners, and then using your mouse to point to one of those white dots and clicking and dragging to make the image a different size.
  • The example below shows the cursor at the top right corner making the image larger.
  • I recommend resizing using the corners only to keep the image in proper proportions


Adding Links to your guide - Linking to other areas of eBay

  • You may add links to other areas of eBay using the "Link" function in the Rich Text Editor. 

  • If you are adding a link to an eBay search results page, add your search keywords into the top box, or an eBay URL in the middle box, and type in the words you wish the link to be called (in this example: "search results page")


  • Valid areas to link to include links to a search results page, Store or related eBay Guide.
  • Links to other websites and specific eBay item pages are not allowed and will result in an error in the guide submit flow.
  • You may use this linking tool to link high level guides to more specific sub-guides (which must be created separately).  For example, a Digital Cameras Overview Guide may link to a subguide called Point and Shoot Digital Cameras Guides.  Each guide should have content that is valuable as a standalone guide as it can get separate helpfulness votes.

Other tips:

  • Spell check your content.
  • Update your content as frequently as the topic merits.  For example: If you are writing about digital cameras, where new models come out every month, buyers will find it most helpful if you keep your guide content up to date with the latest models, features and functionality, which will likely lead you to more helpfulness votes.
  • Keep your guide focused broadly on the subject matter, and don't use a guide to promote only the items you are selling.  If buyers read your guide and like your advice, most will click on the link to view the items you are selling.  If you sell some items or products in the subject matter area you are writing about, be clear about this.  Buyers will appreciate your honesty and clarity.

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