How to determine Authentic Guess Wallets and Handbags

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As an importer I often see items listed as Authentic and the majority of them are not. These are some things you should ask any seller before you make a purchase.

1. Where was the item purchased from and do they have the original purchase receipt?
2. What country was it imported from? If the answer is anywhere in Asia, Steer Clear. It is almost impossible to get Authentic Branded Merchandise from Asia, unless you go into the actually brands store and I would not be on sale. I would be very careful, as the majority of branded items coming out of Asia are fake and many of the Sellers are told they are Authentic and Genuine when they are not! 
3. Ask is the item Authentic and Genuine and made by the brand owner? 
4. Ask for close ups of the lining, handles, logos, zippers, care labels etc. If they are an honest seller they will agree to send you more information. Be careful of sellers saying the stock is current season as this is not possible to get and is more than likely a replica. Another thing to be careful of is sellers with high volume of one style or many variations of it. This is not possible to get. When I import I can never get this seasons stock and get whatever I am given. You can not get all sizes in things, these are more than likely fakes. 

Characteristics of Authentic Guess Handbags/Wallets

Guess lining will always be neat and have the Guess G's all over
The tag will be Black
All Stitching will be even and neat
No excess glue or loose threads will be found
All the hardware is made of Stainless Steel and will have no rough edges or tarnishing
The clasp will feel heavy and solid, not cheap 
The round clasp will have the following numbers on it M with a circle around it then P.A.T.87021.MALOCK.M.1013181
OR IT WILL HAVE  triangle with a circle around it and the following numbers OKPIA1519426 AND OK.0973628
The inside zipper will have the word Guess in Capital writing on the metal
There will also be a metal plate with the word Guess in Capital letters in the centre of the bag. Always around 1 cm below the zipper (not exact measurement)


Will have a white box with a shine to it almost a pearlish look covered in G's and saying Guess by Marciano on the lid and underneath the opening for the wallet. There will be a style number on the back of the box and a black tag on the wallet and also on the inside of the wallet saying Guess by Marciano. I will upload pictures later. the metal clasp will say M - KANE-M-
All zippers ends will have the word Guess in capital letters.
The stitching will be neat and perfect.
All hardware will be heavy and untarnished. It will be made of stainless steel.

Hope this helps everyone.
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