How to draw ( sketch ) Rudolph Easy

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STEP 1. for the first step we will draw Rudolph from a front facing view. This way you can draw your favorite reindeer from the side or front.Start with a circle then add the facial guidelines. Begin sketching out the fluffy shape of Rudolph's face like so, and be sure include the tuft of hair on his head. Next, use the facial guidelines the draw out the big expressive eyes. Color the eyeballs, then add some detailing for the cheeks and eyebrows. You will end this step by drawing the ears, antlers, and the his big red nose followed by his quirky smile.
STEP 2. Now let's start the real tutorial. Make a circle for the head then add the facial guides.
STEP 3. Begin drawing out the complete shape for Rudolph's face and head like so, then draw the one ear and big nose.
STEP 4. Let's add the friendly eyes, then add the check, smile and mouth. Add detailing to the inside of the ear, then you're done here.
STEP 5. Draw the other ear, then draw in his tree strand tuft. When that is done you can draw the eyes which is the iris and pupils.
STEP 6. Lastly, draw the antlers then you're done. Erase the mistakes then see what your drawing look like.
STEP 7. The cleaned up the line art should look like it dose here. Color in Rudolph then you're done.
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