How to draw ( sketch ) a snow sled

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How To Draw A Snow Sled

STEP 1. Let's begin  with the shapes and guides for the boy, or girl that is having fun. Make a circle for the head, then draw a small bean like shape for the body. Sketch in the facial guidelines like so.
STEP 2.The next thing we will do is draw out the knitted winter hat. Add the ball at the top of the hat, then draw in the hat's lid and the boy or girls bangs peeking through.
STEP 3. The Next thing we will do is draw out the shape of the face, then draw the eyes. Add the nose and mouth like so, then proceed to step four
STEP 4. It is now time to draw little Timmy grabbing onto the sled. Draw his arms and hands which are covered by mittens, then draw the torso. The front of his body will be covered by the sled. Draw in the tail of the scarf as it flows in the breeze.
STEP 5. Up next you will be drawing out the simple style sled. These sleds are preferred by kids because they have a nice gliding ability, and they are durable. Yeah sure it's fun to use a plastic snow tube, but the curled front style plastic sleds are way more better for a faster ride
STEP 6. All you have to do here is draw in the striped groove lines which is on the bottom of the sled. The trimming should also be sort of thick and it should run along the side of the snow sled as well
STEP 7. For the last drawing step just draw the kid's snow pants or lags which are in a folded pose followed the boots. Add the grooved lines on the top surface of the snow sled as well, then begin cleaning up the drawing
STEP 8. Here is what he looks like using the sled. Of course you can just draw the sled if you want, all you have to do is not draw the child.Color in the drawing and you're done.

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