How to ensure a steady hand & accurate bullet placement

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How to ensure a steady hand and accurate bullet placement everytime 

Without question accuracy is one of the key components to any successful hunt or day at the range; and whether you're punching holes in paper or stocking an animal in the field, having a steady hand and accurate bullet placement is absolutely essential. Unfortunately it's not always that easy. Shooting offhand with a heavy rifle can get quite tedious and still never get you the result you're looking for. It's this exact reason that since their invention, bipods have played an integral role in the gun industry. Having a bipod will allow you to produce a steadier shot under just about all conditions and protects your valuable rifle from contact with the elements. A 12 inch to 20 inch bipod give you enough room for even longest distance shots, and yet is lightweight and durable enough to keep you from having to worry about carrying too much weight or having to handle your gun to delicately. If weight savings is of the utmost of priority, then a 9 inch to 12 inch bipod could be a better option. One thing is for sure, however: when you have a shot that counts, a bipod can be the deciding factor as to whether you're successful in your shot. 

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