How to find the Discussion boards,How to post a link.

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If you need help with anything eBay related then the discussion boards are the best way of getting correct answers.
Knowledgeable members can help you get the answers you need,(they have a better understanding then eBay on how the site works).
They use it every day to buy and sell items on this site,(were as the eBay employees are based overseas and will only give you copy and paste replies which are wrong in a lot of cases).
To find the discussion boards just scroll to the bottom of any eBay page and click on Community and it will bring up:
Then select the Discussion boards at the top left of the page.
You can then scroll down and select the option you need for your question from the different boards available.
You can post a new message by clicking on one of the boards and selecting New Message at the top.

To copy and paste a link is quite easy.

A link is what appears in your search bar when you are looking for things whilst using your browser.

For this guide the link is: How to post a link

Which is what appears in the browser above starting with,(the http may not show some times untill you paste it).

To copy and paste the link just put the cursor on the first letter of the text and hold down the left mouse button and scroll down and across until you get to the last letter you want to copy,(it will turn blue as you are doing it).

Then let go and put the cursor on the blue writing and click the right mouse button and click the word copy that pops up.

Then go to where you want to put the link ,click to the left button to set where you want it and then click the right button and click paste,(it'll put the words in that box).


To view a link just put the cursor on the blue link,(some links will actually tell you what they are for),then just click the left mouse button.

On the ebay discussion boards you can click preview to see whether it has worked and also click on the link.

Just click on edit if it hasn't and try again.

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