How to get fast money making secrets on eBay

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How to get fast money making secrets on eBay

Are you trying to reduce debt? 
Do you know how to get money to fix your problems?


Hi Everyone....Here's my tip for this week!

Use eBay Arbitrage to make money quickly and easily.

What is eBay Arbitrage?

It's one of the simplest money making secrets on eBay and the concept has been used ever since man started trading.


Buy Low Sell High

Arbitrage is when you buy an item for a bargain price and then sell it for a higher price.  Once you've taken into consideration like eBay costs and postage, if you've made a tidy profit then you're winning the game of arbitrage.

This method of making money is SO easy because you just need to know what a certain item's real eBay value is and then you just wait for a poor auction to take place and you get yourself a bargain!


Here's what you need to do.

  • Find a product category where you feel confident in buying in (ie, if you have young children, then you might be interested to check out baby equipment).


  • Check out the completed listing for that particular product or range of products.


  • Select similar items that are up for auction and place a 'watch' on them.  As the auction draws to a close decide what your top bid will be and then bid once with 10 seconds to go.


  • Ta-Da!!  A bargain.  Now all you need to do is sell it.


  • I suggest that you buy using one account and sell using another account, just to make sure you don't upset any of the sellers you've bought bargains off.

So what are you waiting for?  Give it a go!!

'Til next time


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