How to get the resolution you want from just about any seller.

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It's all in the Attitude. 😁

While there are definitely some nasty/ignorant/rude sellers around 😫, most sellers are just the opposite.  It's a shame that those handful taint the experience of buyers so quickly that buyers usually assume the worst of a seller when an issue arises.

When something either:
A) Hasn't arrived and you believe it should have, or
B) There's something wrong with your order,
remember, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.🐝

I'm a buyer too, so I completely understand how frustrating/downright infuriating it can be to  order something and pay good money for it,  and then to have it arrive and not be in the condition it was advertised to be in, or worse still - not arrive at all.

I'm also a seller, and I know that there is one huge thing that buyers 'assume' which make them red-hot angry at sellers, and that assumption is incorrect.

The inbox message generally goes something like this:
"your auction/listing said that this would be here today.  You didn't send it when you said you did or you haven't sent it at all!  Where is it? I want a refund NOW!". πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

The reality of the situation:
The 'expected delivery date' is set by Ebay. 

Sellers don't set an expected delivery date - at all - ever.  
No seller has an option to do this - it's simply not available to them.
It is supposed to be based on Australia Post (and couriers' etc) delivery schedules, but is more often WRONG than it is right.
If sellers were setting the date an item should arrive by, they would add a day or two to it so that you would be happy when/if it arrived early, but you wouldn't be upset if it took the extra day or two that it generally does.

So, next time an issue pops up, please try to assume the best first - the best being that a quick message to your seller, in a non-accusatory tone, will more often than not get you a very nice reply, followed by a request to wait a few more days.  Most of us will more than happily sort out any reasonable issue with absolutely no fuss at all.
😁 Happy buying and selling!

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