How to identify quality LED light

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There are so many LED light on eBay, downlight, flood light, globe etc, some are dirt cheap and some are expensive. How to tell which is good quality one?

All LED light sold in Australia need to have SAA approval, this is the lowest requirement for safety.
LED light with SAA approval will be considered safe and legal to use. It will not disturb TV reception or other radio equipment.
SAA Approval number can be verified online from SAA Approvals website

Heat is the biggest ememy to LED light. Good radiation design is key to its life span. Not only the design of light housing/body but size of LED driver need to be considered. High temperature will cause capacitor inside LED driver to fail soon. LED driver for power of more than 20W will require metal case for better heat dissipation.

Bigger light housing with more/longer fin will more effectively dissipate heat from LED chip and driver inside.

In summary, a quality LED light will have
1.SAA Approval number
2.Quality Driver
3.Good heat radiation

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