How to learn a language

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As i'm proficient in 3 languages i thought it would be helpful just to let you in on a few hints. P.s I'm not some super-smart natural ease-of-learning language person - i am just an average student. One main point is immersion - i have found there is no better way than to live in that particular. Not only do you have contact with everything - language, people, culture. Obviously this isn't always an option so next best thing is to act like you are.....Sounds bizzare i knwo however if you start speaking it at home - trying to practise whenever you can - even if it's speaking to the cat! Then to learn items - like fridge, cupboard, stove etc, the best way i have found is putting a post-it note on the item until your've learnt it! Also audio books are a great help. Good luck!
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