How to make Self Covered Buttons

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I love sharing how to make these Self Covered Buttons.  They are very simple and quick to make and can be used for fabric embellishments, scrapbooking, sewing, glued onto cufflink components, made into beautiful hair ties, the list is endless.  If you aren't into sewing then flat backs would be ideal, or you can even make shank backs ones into hair ties without having to touch a needle!

Step by Step Instructions

DIY Covered Button
What you will need:
  • Button shells
  • Button backs - flat or shank
  • Button Tools
  • Fabric
  • & Step by step instructions
Step 1
Place the white/clear part of the tool with the flat surface on the table.
Step 2
Place your fabric of choice on top of the white tool with the wrong side of the fabric facing up.
Step 3
Place the button shell on top of the fabric with the dome side facing the fabric and push it into the bottom of the tool using the top (red/pink) of the tool if needed.
Step 4
Curl the fabric up over the edges of the button shell (trim if necessary, but leave about 7mm around the edge), and lay the button back on top.
Step 5
Put the red/pink tool on top of the button back, flat top facing up.  Push down on the red/pink tool, pushing the button back into place.
Step 6
Pop out your covered button.
Use your covered buttons to decorate whatever you choose, for example, shirts, doonas, handbags, scrapbooking etc.
If you want to make them into Hair Ties, then follow the steps below:
You will also require a hair tie and a piece of plastic thread.
Step 7
Take a hair tie and place one end of the plastic thread supplied, through the centre of the tie.
Put the two ends of the plastic thread together and thread it through the eye of the back of the covered button shank.  Pull until a small loop comes through the button shank.  Take away the plastic thread.
Step 8
Fold the remaining hair tie through the loop you have made in the shank and pull all of it through, pull tight.
Your Covered Button Hair Tie is now ready for use.
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