How to make your own Rub Ons

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These are really easy to make. and in expensive, and  and don't take a lot of time to make either Rub on embellishments have become more and more popular on scrapbook pages. and in Cardmaking, They’re a great product to use when you want to add text or an embellishment across several layers of paper this is an enviromentally safe way of making them as you can re use the plastic over and over again Unlike store bought rub ons where you throw away the plastic.

what you will need is Your computer Ink a sheet of transperency plastic. and a ice block stick

Design an image. Design a title or embellishment on your computer in a word processing program.
Print on the shiny side. Insert the transparency or page protector (cut to 8 ½” x 11”) into your printer so that the ink will be deposited on the shiny side of the transparency.

Change to a mirror image. Change the print properties so that your document prints as a mirror image of itself.

Print the document on “best” quality. This will deposit a thicker amount of ink onto the slick surface so that you can transfer it to a piece of paper.

Let it dry. Let the ink dry onto the transparency for at least ten minutes. Do not touch the ink -- it will smear.

Place the design. Once the ink has dried, place the title or embellishment over the piece of paper with the printed side touching the paper.

Transfer the ink. Press firmly onto the transparency and use the end of a popsicle stick to rub over all of the text. This transfers the ink to the piece of paper.

Admire your work. Gently remove the transparency from the paper, and admire your custom-made rub on 

Once you’ve transferred the image, the transparency you used can be wiped clean and re-used.

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