How to measure water level in a tank

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How much water is in your tanks?...

The traditional method for measuring water levels in water tanks has been to knock on the tank side and listen for the difference in sound to indicate depth. Now a far more accurate method is available using a non-contact infrared thermometer as you stand nearby the tank. Inside metal and plastic water tanks there is a significant variation in temperature between the liquid and the empty area. The air temperature will be reflective of the current weather conditions whereas the liquid is much slower to change temperature. With the laser pointer of the thermometer targeting the side of the tank simply scan the temperature from the top down until a significant temperature difference is indicated. At this point you have found the water level. This same method works just as well for fuel tanks and any other sizable liquid storage tank.
Another use - How hot is my camp oven?
Non-contact infrared thermometers allow easy checking of the camp oven temperature without lifting the lid. A camp oven that is too hot will destroy your dish. The secret to great camp oven cooking is to go gently and apply the heat to the lid of the camp oven for roasting and baking. For stew, casserole and soup apply heat underneath.

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