How to post large items in Australia using Ebays Postal Service

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I thought the easiest way to write this guide would be to put in a video I created on this subject and also write what the video shows

I live in a small town in Tasmania that has a population of 3,500.
It seems that I am the first person to use ebay postal packs to post my items as the man ager and two girls that work their had never seen them before.
At first the manager was very threatened by the packages and he would give me a guilt trip when I would come in daily to use them because he would remind me that he made NO MONEY when I used this form of post and would remind me that he was a small business and this was not how you support your local community.
So I hated going into the post but I didn't have ready cash because all my sales went into my Paypal account, so I started putting them into the small red mail box out the front. One weekend I did my best weekend ever to date and had 15 good sized parcels - I managed to squeeze them into the mailbox, but the next day I had to go and post a couple of small packages that I needed postal stamps on and the manager said to me:
"I would like to ask you to no longer put your packages in the mailbox outside please, yesterday you filled it and we had complaints that nobody else could put mail in the box".
So I replied, "I did it because you give me a guilt trip every time I come into the post office, but I am a business too and I don't have ready cash and Ebay offer a 10% discount for using their packaging, so it makes business sense to use it and as I said all my money goes into Paypal so I don't have ready cash to pay for my parcels..."
(Although he didn't need to know the ins and outs of my business, I am so glad that I was this honest because from this day onward he has been kind and gentle and his attitude has changed towards me in a really nice way)
Why am I telling you this story?
Because Ebays bags are not long enough for some products we sell and so I sent with my husband (who was doing that days mail run for me) one item into the Post Office and I had used two ebay postal bags to post it - the post on it was correct as I had put in the correct weight and measurements and had paid the extra for the extra length - but because I had used the ebay bags incorrectly - they sent it back with my husband.
I was cranky and stormed into the post office and said, " Look I need to have a good relationship with you guys as my business depends on it, but why wouldn't you accept this?"
He explained that you can't use two ebay bags for one product and you can't have items sticking out of the ebay bag they must be sealed.
I asked him, if I came into the store with this shape product what would he suggest I put it in - he pointed to the large tough bag and said that - so I went over bought it for $2.55 and put in my item: taking off the prepaid ebay paper first, he sealed it and stuck on the ebay prepaid label ...
Two days later I sold the same item and thought - how am I going to get around this so it doesn't cost me this amount of money again... (small I know but it adds up especially when you have packaging at home)
So this is how I did it: I got two 500gram ebay bags slit them so they opened up and turned them inside out, they are black on the inside - I taped them to my item and stuck my ebay postal label to it - never heard a word from them at the post office - YAY! it worked and it was simple and heaps cheaper than paying $2.55 each time I went into the post office with an oversized package...
Here is the link to the video it is only 0:2:04 minutes:

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