How to protect and store your camera lense ?

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Key word:  Sealed /enclosed compartment   silica gel /desiccant


To avoid moisture and fungus, we all know that we need to add silica gel or desiccant.

BUT, do we do it correctly??

 A lot of people use a lot silica gel packs  and jammed them into the camera carry case, thinking the more silica gel, the better, right?----Wrong!

When using the silica gel/desiccant, the most important thing is to make sure you store the lense or camera into an enclosed/sealed compartment together with the silica gel.

For desiccant /silica gel, it is a "local" climate control--it can only control the humidity of a very limited space, thus, to create such a space for desiccant to do its job and maximize its performance is imperative. This limited space is the enclosed/sealed compartment, plastic bag or a small box.


Try to place your lense or camera into the compartment with sufficient silica gel right after the use of the camera .

Sealed /enclosed compartment without silica gel  has potential risks of growing fungus.

You can choose different size of silica gel to fit into the compartment or even a heavy duty self-sealed plastic bag.

Check the status of the silica gel regularily and alway have a unactivated silica gel pack standing by just in case.

Sauturated silica gel can be regenerated via oven baking

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