How to protect pets from flea and tick problems

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Having a pet is a different feeling itself. Many pet owners know very well that how to keep their pet happy always. But sometime it is very curious and hard to decide for them that which kind of treatment they should give oral or topical to keep their pets always away from flea, tick, heartworms, wormers and other parasites which can attack anywhere and anytime.

Before giving any kind of treatment we should consult the vet and also know about the pet behavior that what he/she likes or dislikes so according to that it is easy to choose a medicine.

There are basically two types of treatments available in the market oral and topical.

Oral treatment:

Oral treatment as the name itself suggests us an idea that a treatment can be given orally. Oral treatment can be in two forms: tablet and chewable. Nexgard, Bravecto, Comfortis, Panoramis, Heartgard Plus, Interceptor, Sentinel are the chewable treatment which prevent the pet from flea, tick, heartworm and wormers respectively. While Milbemax, Capster and Cazitel comes in tablet form. The oral treatment can be given with mixing the chew or tablet in pet food or give them directly into their mouth if they cooperate with this.

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Topical treatment:

Topical treatment is the kind of treatment which cannot be given orally, as it can harm your pet’s health otherwise. The topical treatment mostly comes in a pipette form. You just need to open the pipette tip and just touch on your pet’s back shoulder. Press the pipette smoothly, so it will release the complete liquid on the pet. Advantage, Advantix, Advocate, Frontline Plus, Frontline Original and Revolution are widely used products for flea, tick, heartworm and wormer prevention on pets.

The pet may behave strangely for a while after applying the medicine. But there is no need to worry, as medicine is really effective. But if you still feel that it is not stopping, then give a bath to the pet and consult a vet immediately. Always keep the children away while using this treatment. Keep both kinds of medicine away from the children’s reach.

Keep your furry pal away from the irritation of these pesky parasites today by trying either of these flea and tick preventative treatments today!!!

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