How to prove your RFID blocking wallet protects your credit cards

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If you have been following the press and noting that identity theft is the number one concern of police and banks today, then you may be looking for an RFID blocking wallet to protect your valuable personal data.

The identity thieves have a radio frequency application (RFID) on their mobile phones and can, without you knowing, standing up to 3 metres from you, scan the information contained in your chip on your credit card, licence or passport.  They then either use this information to transact another retail transaction taking the money from your bank account, or they can even use the information to create a new credit card or passport or licence with your details on it for their use.

You really must protect your valuable cards.  They contain your name, address, bank account numbers, licence numbers, passport details, etc.

Buy an RFID blocking wallet to protect them.  If you want proof it works, look at this video.  Your local supermarket has a PayPass or PayPal machine which reads the information on your credit card and verifies your account.  This is done through radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.  If you go to your local store and put your credit card into your RFID protected wallet, then pass it in front of the PayPass machine nothing is recognised.  Hence it works!  The wallet is blocking your chip from being read by the PayPass RFID application.

Now do the same with your normal non RFID blocking wallet.  The details are recognised by PayPass....this is how identity thieves steal your information.  Protect an RFID blocking wallet!

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