How to quickly and easily fix your door that rattles.

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A quick tip on how to fix your door that rattles.

Do you have a door in your home that rattles against the door stop when you have the fan on or an external door open ?

Does it drive you up the wall at night time when you are trying to sleep ?

Well the very quick fix is buy a door wedge and wedge it under. That works well until you forget that it is there

or you get the shits with this very quick fix.

If this isn't your style, as it is not mine, then try the following:

The door handle interacts with the door latch and the latch with the door striker. The latch is the bit with the gold or chrome (generally)

coloured tongue that latches into the plate that is screwed into the door jamb/door stop.

The door is rattling because the latch tongue is moving with the free play inside the striker and its tongue.

When you look at the striker you will notice it has a smaller rectangular piece in the centre of it. This is the bit we are going to play with.

Get a pair of pliers and a cordless drill and unscrew the striker. Now hold the striker in one hand and using the pliers

with the other hand bend the striker tongue out. Depending on how much movement you have in the door (how big the rattle is) will determine

how much you move the striker tongue. Don't worry if you bend it to far.

Now refit the striker with the screws back to the door jamb. Shut the door. If it latches and no rattle problem fixed.

If it doesn't latch do the following.

Get a hand held screwdriver and stick it inside the striker. Using the screw driver as a lever bend the striker tongue backwards, down from parallel.

Do this a small amount first, then test the door. Keep doing this until the door latches without the rattle.

Presto - no more rattle, no more door wedges.

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