How to replace Commodore VR-VZ remote case.

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Changing the remote key case really is a quick simple job but does take some care.

Remove the two Phillips head screws and remove the key blade from the original remote key case.
The original remote case is super glued together and the two shells have to be CAREFULLY & GRADUALLY broken apart so as not to damage the internal circuit board.
Start by removing the key blade by unscrewing the two phillips head screws, once removed insert a broad flat-blade screwdriver in the slot that held the key blade and lever it until the glue starts to crack. Gradually keep the cracking going by progressively moving the screwdriver around the body as the case opens, you may need to use a smaller flat head screw driver to get into the small gaps around the case. DON'T push the screwdriver too far into the body of the case or else you may damage the circuit board inside.
The two halves will eventually separate, once apart remove the circuit board and the rubber seal, you can discard the seal as the new case fits better without it & is not necessary.
Next insert the circuit board into the new case (back half) making sure the circuit board is inserted correctly, it is a snug fit and will need to sit flat otherwise the case won’t fit together properly, by pushing down on the battery you should hear a click. Press the two case halves together until they fit well with no gap. Insert the key blade & carefully screw it together using the screws provided until firm ( don’t over-tighten), there is not allot of material for the screws to bind to so when you feel them start to tighten firm STOP THERE.
If you do over-tighten & strip the thread you will need to resort to super-gluing the halves together.
If the key blade is a bit wobbly add a piece of sticky tape to one side of the key blade that slides into the case.

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