How to save Hundreds on your new computer

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If your considering buying a new computer, then inside you will learn how to literally save hundreds in un-needed extra's.

If your like most people when you go and buy a new computer, you really dont understand too much of the technical jargon that the sales man speaks. So in this simply, plain english guide im going to break down the jargon so you get what you need, not what the salesman makes commission off.

Lets start with common terms:

RAM: RAM is like your computers short term memory. The more you have, the more programs you can use at once. Now unless you are a person who likes to keep the last 3 weeks stuff open you really dont need to much.

If you use your computer for the basics( internet, Microsoft programs, watching videos etc) then you only need 4gb.

If you use 2 screens then you need 6gb.

And if you are doing advanced work (Website design, Photoshop, video editing etc) then 8gb or over is for you

As you can see, most salesmen try and upsell you to 8-12 or even 16gb's worth of RAM when you simply dont need it. This alone can save you hundreds.

Processor: Your new computers Processor is like its motor. It determines how fast you can go. With the new range of Processors by intel (The most popular brand) they have 3 model ranges.

I3 - These are good basic processors. If you want a budget friendly computer and you dont do much then this is all you need

I5 - If you are after a machine with a bit more punch, then you want an I5. They will handle most tasks well and you will never have issues with Lag.

I7 - Unless you are a "techy" kind of person with hardcore computer usage there is no need to spend your money in the I7. They are great chips, but its like driving a ferrari to the corner store...A little overkill for most people.

Hard Drive: This is how much your computer can store. Dont get sucked into the salesmen's speal about how it will make your computer faster...It simply cant.

For the average home user, unless you download alot of movies (Legally i hope) all you need is 500gb.

If you are photo happy, and have lots of holiday photos from a high resolution camera then 1Tb is more than enough (When i say lots...I mean 50-100,000 Photos...)

And unless you simply love having every episode that has ever aired on TV stored on your computer you dont need anything above 2Tb.

Sometimes they will try and sell you many different extra's as well, but think logically about it. If you are only doing basic work on a computer, do you really need to spend above the "Base Line" computers? A little common sense will help you along way, and by choosing these 3 main specifications wisely you can save upto 30% on your next computer.

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