How to select a submersible bore pump

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Submersible pump selection

Selection of a submersible water bore pump is based on a number of factors including- depth of the  water bore, water supply from the water bore or bore yield, required head measured in metres above the water bore to the tank or irrigation system and power supply available. Pumps are measured in flow rate and head pressure.
A low yielding bore would be expected to supply water from the pump installation depth plus the height to the tank in metres. A water bore with a yield volume great enough to supply the irrigation system directly would be expected to supply water from the pumping water level plus around an additional head of 45 metres to allow the irrigation system to function at a suitable pressure.
The pumping water level is the water level measured from ground level while the pump is operating. This can be estimated based on the yield of the water bore.
Another consideration is the initial cost and the running cost. Very often a submersible pump that is cheap initially will require replacement or repair within the first year. A quality pump, selected and  installed correctly may last up to 30 years.
If mains power is not available, a quality solar powered submersible pump selected and installed correctly may be expected to last around 20 years.
The old saying that "you get exactly what you pay for" is still very relevant.
At the Waterborepump Warehouse we have been supplying, installing and servicing submersible water bore pumps for over 15 years.
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