How to select your LED?

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Why ZWE lamps?


ZWE is a leading producer of environmentally friendly LED lighting 

products which perfectly combines style and functionality.

Our goal is to offer our customers innovative lighting solutions that are chic, durable and affordable, which meet the
different design need of every area at their homes. We also make it a priority to design our products in a way that
helps the planet to stay green.

To do this, ZWE has set a 5-year goal to reduce 30% of energy waste in Australian homes by 2018. Currently,
all our products are energy-efficient and can save as much as 80% energy compared to traditional halogen bulbs.

Comparison with leading brands and 50w halogen bulb

ZWE LED bulbs excel in power, durability and energy efficiency compared to other leading brands and 50w halogen bulbs.

ZWE LED bulb has a 720 lumen output and a 60 degrees beam angle, which outperforms leading brands that has only 380 lumen output and 45 degree beam
angle. ZWE LED bulbs are designed with a cutting edge “foam cooling” cooling technology. This technology which are not found in other brands of LED bulbs,
allow ZWE LED bulbs to keep its maximum temperature at just 85 degrees, which is 5 times lower than the maximum temperature of Halogen.

ZWE LED bulbs also stands out in terms of energy efficiency with a 72 lumen/watt efficacy, an efficiency level that is nearly 5 times higher than other bulbs. What is
best is that ZWE LED bulbs are available at very affordable prices from AU$24.95, which is a more than 50% saving compared to other leading brand bulbs. All these
great features combine with the sleek and compact design of ZWE LED bulbs will make them a perfect choice for your living space.

Lumens 380 720 600 720
Price RRP$50 RRP$69 N/A RRP$24.95
Beam.Angle 45° 60° 60° 60°
Cooling.Technology Fan Bulky Heatsink N/A Foam Cooling
Efficiency 38 lm/W 72 lm/W 12 lm/W 72 lm/W
Max Temp 85°C 85°C 400°C 85°C

Power Saving Solution


The estimated average home power consumption using ZWE downlights per        
day is labelled in green in the diagram.  In a 30-day period, your power bill
should be:

Based on the assumption that the average electricity charge per rate
count is 
23cents per kilo watt hour:

1.61kWh 30days x $0.23 $11.11/month   

Only $11.11 per month is what this home spend on its lighting electricity.       

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