How to sell and item for the best price possible.

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Hey everyone, in my guide I will try and explain how to get the best price for your item. Many eBay members think that if other members are selling the items for a high price they will just be able to do the same thing.

Firstly if you are looking at selling a one of thing; take for example a second hand bike (value $90). some people will think that if they start the bike at a very low price people will be attracted, this is true but most buyer now know that is best to wait until the last minute to bid on an item. So this would result in your item going from say .99c to maybe $80 in about 30 seconds. This gives buyers the impression you will sell for a low price but you actually want much more. what I do is, I put the minimum price that i want my item to go for say $70, this way, people that know about the item will see that the item is worth $x amount. if your item doesn’t get any bids early on it wouldn’t be surprising, what you will see is that you have a few watchers. if there are 6 watchers 2-3 of them will be really interested and wanting to bid. the other 3 are doing research to see what the item goes for. so when trying to sell think like you would when buying you enter in your maximum bid, for selling enter in the minimum price you want it to go for.

If you are importing and making a business of trading on eBay, then one of the best things and first thing to do would be, research. 1. Don’t buy an item that there are many 2. That is a craze that will finish soon. And you will get stuck with stock. 3. Is has a very specialized market.
Also you must remember try to keep your feedback at 100 %, I would sooner buy something from someone I can trust than someone that has something cheap but has 60% feedback. (and actually read the comment to)

Happy buying and selling everyone and be careful. Kyle

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