How to stand out from the crowd with your iphone 4 case

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The iphone 4 is not only like a personal PA, but a fashion statement as well, reflecting your personal sense of style . Whether you are a fashionista, classy, trendy, punk or businesslike there are many cases on the market catering for you.

But what about if you haven't quite found a case that really reflects your style? What if the cases you have seen seem to be the ones that everyone out there are using? Maybe you don't want to be caught dead with the same case as someone else...

Well if you want something quite literally different from anyone alse, the current trend is to design your own case. But how?

Many companies are offering you the option of uploading a picture of your choice to put on your custom case (for example a favourite photo- you will never miss your child/boyfriend/partner/mum again), designing your own case by remixing innovative art, choosing from a renowned artists painting, or mixing and matching colours of your choice. Sound intriguing? It is! You certainly will stand out from the crowd and have the case you have always dreamed of.

How about if you can't decide between a hard or soft case for your phone? Afterall, there are so many designs out there, each of them claiming to be the best protection for your phone. Well why not get both? The hybrid case is the answer as it provides hard protection on the outside for those drops and knocks, and a soft inner protective layer on the inside. Both plastic and rubber, what a great idea!

With all of these cases and more to choose from, you will be a making a statement with your iphone case in no time!

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