How to store your endless supply of eyelets & brads

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The serious scrapbooker has two definites in their life; a seriously out of control ribbon collection and an endless supply of brad, eyelets and snaps. And as the collection keeps growing; one question remains; How do I store them so they are easy to  find? Here's two great ideas to start from:

CD Storage Boxes: RaNTaP Designs, the only storage solution specialist on ebay, has CD storage boxes in  9 delicious colours.  Then you use ice cube trays to place your eyelets & brads in. The great thing  about this idea is that the ice cubes are stackable. The CD boxes are long enough to hold a 10 cube tray, while the A4 / Video boxes hold the tupperware ice cube trays with lids (which are 12 cube trays). This also has extra room to add the following:

Medicine Measuring Cups: One of my my pet hates is that the little eyelets storage tins you buy (6 for over 20 dollars) don't fit the big brads or eyelets in such as making memories eyelet shapes etc. The medicine cups do, a whole pack will fit fit in one little cup. And the great thing about this is you just have to open the box (which means lifting the lid) and taking out the one cup which holds the brads and/or eyelets you want to use. Simple and very easy.

Ice cube trays cost around $1.50 (unless y ou want the tupperware ones then they are dearer).

More great storage tips appearing weekly so keep an eye out. And if you have a storage solution that needs to be solved, email me.

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