How to sucesfully buy an MP4 Player from eBay

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Hello Fellow eBayers!

We have been selling MP4 players for a while now in Australia so i thought i would share some tips on how to successfully buy an MP4 player from eBay Australia.

I am sure you are aware that MP4 players are the cheaper alternative to the Ipod Nano or Video in some cases. They come in many shapes and sizes and are offered on eBay Australia from all corners of the globe. In my experience, i believe it is a common fact that 95% of the so called 'hacked' MP4 players come from overseas, mainly from China where the majority of MP4 players are produced. To be safe, i believe that your best bet is to deal directly with Australian Dealers. The easiest way to establish if a seller is from Australia is to do the following:
In the 'Meet the Seller' section, make sure that it says the member is 'Registered Since XX-XXX-XX in Australia.

Additionally, the 'Item Location' field should Say 'South Australia, Australia' or 'Melbourne, Australia' for example. If it says 'Shipped Fast, Australia' it is quite likely that it is sent from overseas.
When reading the item description, the delivery section of this should say that the item will be delivered within 5 days of payment being received. If it is anymore it is likely that it is sent from Overseas. Most Australia Post services from one point to another will take no more than 5 days. By following the above tips, this should ensure that you can get your MP4 player from an Australian Dealer.

The next common problem in my experience is the number of 'Hacked' MP4 players. This is where the item is listed as a 4GB or 8GB MP4 player for example, when it actually only stores 1GB or less of music. As mentioned earlier, this is most commonly done on items sent from China. Some key indicators to avoid when buying and MP4 player can be found in the item description. If it says something similar to below, you should avoid that auction:
  • This is a compressed 8GB flash drive, the 8GB capacity is for storing data files only; the actual playable and recordable capacity is 1GB.
  • 8GB* Storage (Use as a Flash Drive to store 8GB of Data)
The above indicates that you can only store 1GB of music instead of the 8GB which appears to be included in the auction when you see the item title.


Another tip to avoid Chinese sellers is by Customising the display of the items that you view. To do this, in any category click the 'Customise Display' button which is found on the Grey Toolbar just above where the listings begin. In the 'Available Columns' , add 'Country/Region' and then apply the changes. By doing this, everytime you now do a search on eBay, you will see which country the item is actually coming from.

As a rough estimate, i believe that you shouldn't be paying for than $110 for a 4GB MP4 player. If you are, you are getting ripped off!

If you have anymore questions regarding purchasing an MP4 player, feel free to let me know!

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